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The Holy Terror This book is so refreshingly different and fun! And I love Alexia, she's a great heroine.

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The Flooze You're to blame for me adding it! Looks good. The description alone amused me.

The Holy Terror Ha, serves you right! I'm about halfway through now and it's fantastic. It's got some nice romantic tension building up that I'm quite enjoying.

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The Flooze Serves me right?! Why, I oughtta...

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The Flooze So, I'd hoped to finally get a good chunk of this read on the train from DC to NY...only to be foiled by everyone around me screaming into cell phones.

I thought I'd lose my mind. There was very nearly an act of the homicidal persuasion.

BUT, I did get up to the bit where Lord Maccon saves her from the shadowed man with the wet handkerchief ::snicker::, and the delicious Public Display after.

The Earl can bite me anytime, baby. Growl.

On a less tawdry note, I love the description of her friendship with Ivy. I particularly liked Alexia's admonishment that Ivy shouldn't bother to faint, because there was no one of interest around to catch her.

I'm going back to it once I get out of this wretched taxi. Why must they all pound their brakes? Distressing!

The Holy Terror Awesome review! You summed things up way better than I ever could have. I'm so glad you liked it as much as I did, it really was a special book and it's probably my favorite of the year.

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The Flooze When I get home, I am so adding quotes. There were so many lines that I loved from this one.

Thanks again for mentioning it!

I wrote an e-mail to her praising her to high heaven. Some authors you just feel compelled to give your little kudos to, ya know?

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John Sounds like a terrifically imagined and executed book. Well done review. I think if you were anymore enthusiastic, you would burst into flame.

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The Flooze Spontaneous combustion is terribly exciting. Rather final, but exciting nonetheless.

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John I enjoy just watching you :Twinkle:

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The Flooze Enjoy watching me combust?! Geez, wouldn't even grace me with a thimbleful of water.

Some saviour you'd be. Decidedly ungentlemanly!

Btw, Djarum Special cigars suck. To me, anyway. You may like them. I'll bestow a pack upon you when you return from outer Mongolia, Copenhagen, whatevers.

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John Oh, sorry, I don't carry around any thimbles. You know I would gladly snuff out the flames with mine own body, but alas the first flight out of Outer Mongolia is early tomorrow.
I could, however, impart this advice: "Stop, drop and roll!" This is not referring to your cigarette dilemma either.

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The Flooze Crackpot. Get home safe!

Wicked Incognito Now Great review. Now, I totally can't wait to read this. It sounds like a triple threat...Austen-like social commentary, paranormal excitement, romance, and I guess the quadrupal threat.

Actually kind of sounds like a weird combination. I can't wait to see how she pulls it off.

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The Flooze Thanks, April!

The book is a lot of fun. It felt especially fresh compared to the heaps of UF books I've read. Book two was good, too. Warning: If you get into this series, do not read the blurb for book three, Blameless, until after you've read the first two. The first line of the blurb contains a major spoiler!

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