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message 1: by K (new)

K Wow -- sounds interesting. I read about half of another book by Jose Saramago. It was interesting, but it was hard to get through and I got discouraged in the middle. If this one was good, though, I can try to check it out next trip to Sefer ve-Sefel (way in the distant future, thanks to you!;))

message 2: by Shulamit (new)

Shulamit Hi Margueya
This book was very popular in Mexico a few years ago (3 or 4?) and I did try it out (in Spanish) and just couldn't get into it. It does have wonderful reviews and most of my reader friends in Mexico loved it.

message 3: by M (new)

M Hey Khay - I definitely recommend, was so so good - I am happy to lend you mine if I can get it to you otherwise see if it's cheap ... eager to hear about the smell update and everything ...

message 4: by M (new)

M Hi, Shulamit - maybe try it again? but I can see it being a love it or hate it ...

message 5: by K (new)

K Oh, the smell update -- I was meaning to let you know. We had an exterminator come yesterday, and good news -- it wasn't an animal, just some old food gook that had dripped back into the motor of the fridge and was getting increasingly smelly, and I think the fridge motor was circulating the smell around the kitchen. The exterminator did some procedure to fumigate the smell, and B"H, we're now smell-free.

Please be sure to let me know how it goes with Auslander! Take copious notes, not only on what he says, but on how the audience deals with him -- that might be even more interesting. I just read an interview with him in "The Jewish Week." He's in therapy, but it seems to me he clearly needs more. His background is terribly sad, but I find his bitterness as an adult even sadder; lots of people come from tragic backgrounds and make some kind of peace with it but he is clearly still in the blaming stage.

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