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message 1: by Sylvia (new)

Sylvia I wanted the tiger to eat Pi. The only reason I finished the book was because I was in at a cottage by myself and there wasn't anything else to read. Just because a lot of people seemed to like it didn't change my opinion.

message 2: by Davis (new)

Davis I can only hope that someday the wool is pulled from your eyes my friend.

message 3: by Maya (new)

Maya Panika Horrible book. I made myself read to the end but I hated the experience and was so glad when it ended.

message 4: by Shauna (new)

Shauna "Gah!"

message 5: by Marie (new)

Marie I hated it too, but for different reasons :-)

message 6: by 704Anna (new)

704Anna i loved this book...

message 7: by An (new)

An You disnt finish the book

message 8: by [deleted user] (new)

What passages were stolen and from what?

message 9: by Caramelo (new)

Caramelo this book actually made me gag

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