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Allison (The Allure of Books) I hope you're enjoying! I'm going to allow myself a re-read for this one I think, since the sequel comes out Sept. 1st. :)

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Nancy Great review, Jon!

message 3: by Jon (new)

Jon Nancy wrote: "Great review, Jon!"

Thanks, Nancy.

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D. Pow I had similar frustrations with this book and similar enjoyments.

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Bettie☯ Definitive review, Jon, you put words to my doubts.


message 6: by Steven (new)

Steven I'm hoping they'll put more of the history into the next book. I just picked it and I can't wait to read it! =]

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Steven Okay, yeah..I just finished the sceond installment. It wasn't bad AT ALL, i actually loved it. BUT..there was absolutley no history involved and in that respect i was definitley dissapointed.

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Tee her names katniss love not kantiss lol

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Jon Well, at least I'm consistent. :)

There, I've corrected my typos.

Have a great weekend!

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(Aero)driguez I argee with u I wish I the book ended differently to.

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Bklynbella Izzy ☠(District 13) ☠ wrote: "Tee wrote: "her names katniss love not kantiss lol

yea we all know the person just made a typo! you really need to remain calm"

You are totally NOT crazy. I love Peeta, how can anyone NOT love Peeta. I don't understand this obsession author's have with teenage love triangles. Collins is amazing but she was clearly painting Gale as an older brother figure only to turn him into a love interest later. Team PEETA. Who was true to Katniss every second, even when she didn't know it.

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(Aero)driguez GO GALE

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Sam Johnson I agree. The first part was much better than the ending.

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Tiffany Bklynbella wrote: "Izzy ☠(District 13) ☠ wrote: "Tee wrote: "her names katniss love not kantiss lol

yea we all know the person just made a typo! you really need to remain calm"

You are totally NOT crazy. I lov..."
I totally agree and was frustrated with the whole Gale/Peeta thing. That Gale was even a love interest bothered me.

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Sarah Including more back story would just make the book drag. I think she gives sufficient back story, without bogging down the book with too much unnecessary information that is irrelevant to the main plot. And this is part of a trilogy, of course everything isn't going to wrap up all nicely at the end.

Vicki ~ no time to read Honestly, I completely agree with your review about the first two thirds being amazing and the ending being disappointing. I don't know how to explain to people that the ending frustrated me, but that I still liked the book. Nice job with the review!

message 17: by Lou (new)

Lou Agreed to the entirety of the review. I felt the same frustrations and the same enjoyments. Some people don't seem to like the back story, but I would have loved to know more about Panem.

I'm off to read the second book, see if we learn new things (probably not, probably it'll just be packed with action, like the first).

But anyway, yeah, a love-hate relationship with this book.

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Melanie I have to agree with the final 1/3 of the book HOWEVER this isn't a stand alone novel and I feel this makes up for and validates this plotline.

message 19: by Phany (new)

Phany Thank you! I thought I was crazy because all of my friends, who are readers but writers too, loved this book without any doubts. You described exactly my point of view, specially about wanting to know the story of the rebellion against the Capitol and the end being very disappointing.

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Britt It's not that the end of the book was disappointing... it's that you really wanted Katniss to be more enthusiastic about her choosing Peeta. But then again, I have to constantly remind myself: Katniss was never that kind of person. She was not the "fall and swoon over you" type. So, upon realizing this, even with that empty feeling in my chest, longing for her to tell me that she truly needed Peeta, I had to acknowledge the genius of Collins by not letting her character change. Gotta love this book.

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Tanvi Completely agree about the more-history part...

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Caroline Stevens The history of panem and the districts isn't relevant to katniss so therefore isn't relevant to the story!!!

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Bmxer Cool i read the whole series and watched the movie, it was awesome jennifer lawrence is hot too by the way you hot ladies im single

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Bmxer Cool ya i love the hunger games

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Bmxer Cool cooooooooooooooooooool!!!!!!!!!!!

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Tricia Harding-smith You didn't laugh when Haymitch fell off the platform or when Katniss shot at the Gamemakers?

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Sara I too found it frustrating not knowing any history except the small excerpt she gives at the beginning about the Capitol being in what was once the Rockies and something else being part of Appalachia. Maybe there is a guide somewhere out there that explains the history? Would love it if there was such a thing!

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Eric B I agree with you Jon when you say the end left you unsatisfied. I also agree with you when you say you found it frustrating finding only bits and pieces of the big location in which this takes place. Great review, I loved the book also.

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Isabel You kinda summed up my feelings of the book, except I didn't cry. I was only sad when Rue died because she was my favorite character. I haven't gotten around to writing a review, but you have expressed some of the points I was going to make. :)

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Destiny I was so not dissatisfied with the ending...a little shocked yes, but certainly not turned fact, i thought it was a very realistic end and it was all carried forward to the next two books, of far as Gale goes, i was irritated by him, not Suzanne.i disliked the character for doing that to Katniss. But then again, nothing in life goes perfectly and major props to the author for writing the story realistically and not in an ideal love story kind of way. I think Gale just could not keep track of his feelings.
Team Peeta all the way!

Kiva (#BornAgainBrit) NONONONONONO! *****<-50000000 stars

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