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message 1: by Ben (new)

Ben I'm jus' sayin', it feels good to hate once in a while, aight, okay?

message 2: by JSou (last edited Jul 26, 2010 04:20PM) (new)

JSou I just knew you'd show up. ; )

I only started this at lunch today; I'm on page 37. We shall see how it goes.

message 3: by Cait (new)

Cait You will love it. No, that's not optimism - it's an order. :oP

message 4: by Ben (last edited Jul 27, 2010 10:45AM) (new)

Ben Hah. Good review for a horrible (audio?) book! ; )

message 5: by [deleted user] (new)

I agree about it not being appropriate for audio with how many visual elements there were. It would also be difficult to perform Oskar's slightly autistic voice in an endearing way, which it must.

message 6: by JSou (new)

JSou I can't even imagine this story without all of the visual elements. They seemed to flow with the story well, it didn't seem gimmicky at all to me.

I totally agree about Oskar, Montambeau. I picked up on a lot of autistic traits in his character, but wasn't sure if that was intended or not. I can see how that would be grating to listen to, Ben. (And the 'vegan cupcake' line in your review still makes me laugh)


message 7: by Cait (last edited Jul 27, 2010 11:45AM) (new)

Cait You know, EL&IC on audio would be similar to listening to A Prayer for Owen Meany, minus the visual elements. Even if the narrator managed to perform the voice of Owen the way that Irving intended (not very likely), who could listen to that for 15+ hours? Some books are just not meant for audio. Ben, I'm sad that we can't go all "Inception" on you so you could experience it for the first time in print form.

ETA: Jess, I'm so glad you loved it. This is one of my go-to recommendations, and your review makes me want to read it again.

message 8: by JSou (new)

JSou Must. See. Inception. Was it good?

message 9: by Cait (new)

Cait It was incredible. So good that I'm going to go see it again after Matt goes back to the shit hole sandbox (he saw it with me the first time).

message 10: by Ben (new)

Ben Okay, the Owen Meany comment struck me and has my attention: that's a really good point, Cait.

message 11: by Sparrow (new)

Sparrow I hereby declare an audio version of this book to be illegal. I'm super offended that exists.

message 12: by Jenn "Awww Yeaaahhh" (last edited Jul 27, 2010 02:18PM) (new)

Jenn "Awww Yeaaahhh" Jessica wrote: "Must. See. Inception. Was it good?"


As good as The Wolfman is bad.

message 13: by JSou (new)

JSou Ooooh. I'm definitely going this weekend.

message 14: by JSou (new)

JSou Oh, and by the way, I love all you guys. Really.*

*I'm not even drunk.

message 15: by Reese (new)

Reese Your touching and funny review has persuaded me to add EXTREMELY LOUD AND INCREDIBLY CLOSE to my to-read list.

message 16: by Kim (new)

Kim I'm soooooo glad that you liked this book. Unlike some other people we know. We're the smart ones.

“Being with him made my brain quiet. I didn’t have to invent a thing.”

I love that line..

And this one:

“Every moment before this one depends on this one.”

There are really so many... :)

message 17: by JSou (new)

JSou Thanks, Reese! It really is such a great book. I hope you love it as much as I did.

You're right, Kim. There are a ton of great lines in this. Almost half the pages in my copy are dog-eared.

message 18: by [deleted user] (new)

I want to read this again, soon.

message 19: by Ben (new)

Ben Why don't you listen to it this time, Montambo?

message 20: by Philip (new)

Philip whoops. this was another one i listened to...

message 21: by Malbadeen (new)

Malbadeen Montambeau wrote: "I want to read this again, soon."

one of the kids in my class "book talked" this and he tripped all over himself apologizing for it's popularity. whateva!!!

message 22: by Arnie (new)

Arnie Beautiful review.

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