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message 1: by Karlee (new)

Karlee You criticize this book as being "awkward," but I would like to point out that it was written by a women who is autistic. Her style of writing fits who she is and how she thinks -- which is visual not verbal. Thus, her writing can seem plain and to the point. Nevertheless, her perspective and understanding of animal behavior is very insightful and interesting.

Secondly, I think her reasoning behind why she not a vegetarian was quite apparent. She is a pragmatist. she believes that as long as animals are treated humanely (while living and at slaughter) she has no problem with eating meat. This is why she continues to work in the food animal industry -- she is trying to diminish the pain and fear of these animals as they are going to slaughter.

While I am a vegetarian, and have obviously chosen a different stance on the slaughter of animals for food, I find her point of view to fit her quite well as. Furthermore, I respect her life work as she has helped improve the living conditions and treatment of food animals.

message 2: by Gloria (last edited Jul 15, 2009 09:31PM) (new)

Gloria I'm actually reading her earlier book now, Animals in Translation, which is much better written and more informative. Whether she is autistic or not should not affect the quality of the writing style-- she did have a co-author for this very reason, I assume.

I also respect her for her knowledge, but not for her stance on vegetarianism as portrayed in this book. I thought the explanation she gave in Animals Make Us Human was lame, and I said so. Curiously, the explanation she gives in Animals in Translation makes a lot more sense-- she tried being vegetarian but it didn't work for her. I'm not sure why she didn't say that in her later book.

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