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message 1: by P. (new)

P. I didn't like the movie either. The maze part was just... WTF.
The graveyard scene... didn't even look like a graveyard.

Spider the Doof Warrior no, the only good part besides everyone's hair looking cool was when the Angel came to life and trapped Harry.
Other than that, it really was not that well done! And the MAZE! AUGH!

message 3: by P. (new)

P. Ahaha, I agree.

message 4: by David W. (new)

David W. I read it again, now the only problem I have with this book was A. When Harry is in the pond, can anyone see anything? Are they just sitting there watching boring water? B. Can they see what is going on in the maze? Didn't they see Harry and Cedric disappear?

A. Nope. Clearly the "colosseum" audience in Hunger Games are having much more fun, what with the big screens, but hey, wizards never care about muggle technology, right?

B. Double Nope. The whole latter two tasks completely defeat the purpose of having a f*&king live audience. If it were about Human Sacrifices then I'd understand a bit more. Voldemort's stupidly convoluted plan was to make Harry disappear in a way that people won't notice for ages, and when they do they'd think the maze ate him. Meanwhile he can do his World Domination stuff, and with full confidence I might add, seeing that he'd have offed Harry by then.

message 5: by Maddie/Art3mis (new)

Maddie/Art3mis Haha totally agree about the cover :)

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