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message 1: by Stephen (new)

Stephen I agree with Ami. I think it's also a candid look at the culture we have become in which we put so much value on meaningless "things" like the story's use of the PC monitor. That PC monitor will do absolutely nothing for him or his family, is of no value now, and will only slow him down, yet he carries it anyway.

message 2: by Colette (new)

Colette Guerin I totally agree with your first 3 points but I'm a bit confused about even looking for believability in a zombie story. A book like "The Shining" gives you a believability factor because their is always the madness factor there. Stephen makes a good point with the culture thing.

message 3: by Hermione (new)

Hermione I can believe a man would carry a desk top because people are completely stupid. The bit that is still annoying me is the Chinese submarine clearly states that they are resting on the ocean floor at nearly hull crushing depth...yet there were zombies outside banging on the outside trying to get in. Now I think even dead the human body would be squashed at those depths. He screwed up there.

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