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message 1: by Sherien (new)

Sherien glad u liked it! I highly recommend you to read 'pride and prejudice' or 'mansfield park' next....I haven't read 'northanger abbey' so I don't know...

message 2: by Ayu (new)

Ayu Palar Besok dibawa ya Pride and Prejudice-nya!

message 3: by Sherien (new)

Sherien ok, sama vcd emma...

message 4: by Grace (new)

Grace Tjan The film mentions that Col. Brandon (yummy ! ;-) ) 'has just returned from East Indies/ Indonesia with a fortune' --- is this from the book? I can't remember --- udah lama sih bacanya !

message 5: by Ayu (new)

Ayu Palar I can't remember it either, Sandy :o

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