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message 1: by orangerful (last edited Mar 12, 2009 01:41PM) (new)

orangerful I agree. This is one of those books (along with 'Where the Red Fern Grows') that I was forced to read in elementary school and it about ended me love of reading because it wasn't taught well and it just made me angry.

message 2: by Carol Jen (new)

Carol Jen wow. you are very definite in your dislike of this book. it's one of my favorites but I agree to disagree:-) I haven't seen the movie so I can't even comment on that aspect of it... the previews made me not want to see it because I could tell they were very misleading.

message 3: by Lisa C (new)

Lisa C I'm still angry that I wasn't forceful enough when I warned my brother about it, so he took all three kids to the movie. They all cried and apparently the whole theater was in shock.

message 4: by Mmldog (new)

Mmldog I have to say that you really do not share my view on this book. I think that it is a wonderful book with a wonderful story line. I am in middle school, and I read it at age 10, and although I did cry a little, I think it was on of the most thought provoking books that I have ever read.

message 5: by Lisa C (new)

Lisa C Interesting point. I wonder if I would have had a completely different reaction if I hadn't read it for the first time as an adult. Many more experiences and exposure to different kinds of literature...maybe made me too cynical? Hmm....

message 6: by Rachel (new)

Rachel I actually read this book when I was in the fifth grade, and I still really disliked it. I thought it was boring for the most part. I liked the movie a lot better, but I wouldn't watch or read it again. It's funny to find so many different opinions. :)

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