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message 1: by Dhfan4life (new)

Dhfan4life I'm coming up on this one myself. I can't wait for Galen's book. Particularly if Showalter keeps him aligned with Legion as a HEA.

message 2: by Monica (new)

Monica Dhfan4life wrote: "I'm coming up on this one myself. I can't wait for Galen's book. Particularly if Showalter keeps him aligned with Legion as a HEA."

Me too! Well, what I really, really want is William's book...I hope he ends up Gilly.

message 3: by Dhfan4life (new)

Dhfan4life Me too. And that Showalter at least grows Gilly up a little(like maybe have her at least be 20ish or something. Not cause I feel she is such a baby. Although in the grand scheme of immortals she is, lol. But because I just finished reading Kiss of Snow by Nalini Singh, where there was a older hero and the heroine was 19 and it was sooo flat of a story. Also give her some sort of supernatural ability we or even she knows about.

I also have to say I'm glad Strider got a huge ass kicking in Darkest Secret. He has been riding my nerves in the wrong way.

message 4: by Monica (new)

Monica Dhfan4life wrote: "Me too. And that Showalter at least grows Gilly up a little(like maybe have her at least be 20ish or something. Not cause I feel she is such a baby. Although in the grand scheme of immortals she is..."

I think that the main reason why she is putting William's book off so much, is because of the "age issue". All of the "Lords of The U." books are pretty spicy.So yeah, Gilly has to grow up a little. As you said, it's not like age IS an issue, but it's not really Gena's thing to put a young female as main character.
Oh well, while I wait for their book, I've to be satisfied with William's jealousy (which is HILARIOUS) LOL :P

Aw, poor Strider!!LOL

message 5: by Dhfan4life (new)

Dhfan4life Well that is good. Might also give Gilly a chance to also develop a bit of a older sophistication too a bit. Right now her crush and what not is riding very hard.

Hardly poor Strider. I mean I didn't mind him too much at first. Then he started being the puppy dog and dogging first Gideon's heels and then Amun's about their women. And can I make a side note. What is up with the sudden naming of their private parts? I mean not that I haven't heard of guys doing so, lol. But it read as a little random to read Stridey man and Gideon's mini me. I swear I busted out laughing.

What you think about Haidee? Bigger question about Anya? She super annoyed the crap out of me in Lucien's book. I mean the way she talked drove me nuts. And although I don't mind the harpies. Their arrogance is chafing my hide too.

message 6: by Monica (new)

Monica Yeah. Even though, I think Gilly is really mature for her age. She endured A LOT while growing up...I have to remind myself that she is young,you know? I feel like she is so much older than what she appears to be.

Seriously Gideon calling his familly jewels "mini me"

I really don't like Haidee. I disliked her since the begining...I don't know why exactly (well I know why. She was a bitch).
And Anya.Well there's a lot of people that don't like her, but I don't have any problems with her.I like Anya.
The harpies...The only harpy I like is Gwen.
Actually, I kind of like the harpy that is now paired up with Strider (I don't remeber her name and I'm too lazy to look for it lol).

message 7: by Dhfan4life (new)

Dhfan4life Mhmm. I really wished that Showalter paired Cameo and Torin up too. They'd have been a interesting match I think.

Indeed. Thought it was going to be her new thing for a while there. As she does tend to have a way to get a little repetitive with descriptions at times(pink nipples, ropes of muscle, to name a few). So I thought she would give every guy a pet name for their penis, lol.

I guess having just read Amun's book and not having to wait for it like most other fans of the series. I didn't really build up any hate towards Haidee at all. I mean if I had waited for it. I'm sure I would have built up a hatred of her too. But as I just read it. I think a lot of the stuff about her character was explained out very clearly and why she was the way she was. I mean to some extent she was shafted from conception to her first marriage. And only then started seeing the light. Heck even a lot of her own fears and worries came through. So I didn't see anything to hate about her. Well save for the line about "I'll rape you to prove we should be together" sort of thing in the cave didn't need to go that far. Showalter could have at least said seduced or something.

I'll give Anya the fact she has to steal, that she is a goddess and so her ego is massive in and of itself, and even give her her hate of Cronus. But why make her sound like a sorority girl? Hell I even give her the sucker thing and the strawberry scent stuff. But the way she wrote her talking. I swear my eye balls could have rolled right out of my head. Even worse in the one book where Showalter has both the novellas and the insider info. She had Anya sounding so much more mature. And I liked her then.

I'm not opposed to the harpies too much. I just find A) their arrogance to be beyond astounding at times. I mean I get you can pitch cars and what not. But sometimes when you are awesome you don't always have to show it or all your cool cards. That's why I liked Torin right off. He's awesome. Says it on occasion but at the same time he isn't so overt like some of the others. And was kind of cute when Gideon caught him with witches gone wild on his computer, lol.

And B) I so didn't get why she switched off on who she wrote about after writing Gwen's story. I mean she wrote in Gwen's book that she was closet with Kaia(the one Strider hooks up with) and yet the next harpy book is about Bianka and it seemed like Bianka and the older sister had more spotlight and Kaia was just tagging along til the later books.

message 8: by Monica (new)

Monica Yeah. At Aeron's book I thought that Cameo and Torin were a couple, or at least headed to be a couple. But as she already said, they'll not be together :(

Who is your favorite character so far? I really like Gideon and Aeron...I have something for the bad boys *sigh*

message 9: by Dhfan4life (new)

Dhfan4life I know. :( I hope she gives Torin somebody awesome for sure. Or at the very least have Torin go through something where he loses disease like Aeron lost Wrath.

Initially my faves were Torin, Reyes, Sabin, Gideon, Amun and Lucien. But as the books have progressed and with her re-writing the characters in ways than they were originally portrayed. I'm now into Reyes, Torin, Gideon, Amun, Kane and slightly Paris. And also the other demon possessed folks on the list.

Aeron wasn't my fave right off not cause of the buzz cut or the tats. But he seemed overly cocky and always in the other guys face waaaaay too much about the whole bait stuff. And then with his book he was running around "trying" to avoid sleeping with Olivia. When the irony of the thing. Olivia and Legion were beyond wanting to jump his bones and had more balls than he did lol. I hated too how she wrote Legion in Aeron's book made her sound even more petty than she ever was from her first introduction to when she was defending him in Reyes's book.

message 10: by Monica (last edited Jan 01, 2013 10:02PM) (new)

Monica LOL! It's so funny seeing how Aeron reacted. He was such a...woman. But still,that man was hot.

Legion.I'm not sure of my feelings... I hated her so much in Aeron's book.

I've got to point this out. I really don't think Lucien and Anya have chemestry. I liked both characters, but I don't know if they're nice TOGETHER...

message 11: by Dhfan4life (new)

Dhfan4life That is exactly what I was thinking. I mean he was mister bad ass before. Even had bigger balls when he was out of his mind. When two women want him he was just so out of his element.

Showalter so made me hate her in Aeron's book. Legion was kind of endearing at first when I thought she was just a childish demon but darker like Simi from the Kenyon books. But then the more stuff was revealed about her. I had a feeling her personality was going to be changed. But now at best I can hope for her things to change for the better when she gets with Galen. And hopefully she can bitch slap him again. I loved that lol. Still can't believe she did it when she first met him.

From the get go I didn't like them as much of a match. I mean particularly in the dance club. Anya was repetitively throwing herself at him like such a ho. And even there after it just didn't really mesh. What really proves it is if Lucien is willing to leave having sex with her to see what Strider wanted when he texted him. As NO dude, fictional or otherwise is going to leave their woman/getting some to see what messages he has on his cell phone. That is just beyond saying a lot to me about them as a couple.

message 12: by Pam (new)

Pam I soooo want William's book!

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