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message 1: by Ilyn (new)

Ilyn Ross Hello Jrule,

How are you? I revere Ayn Rand.

When you have the time, please visit the "To the Glory of Man" group, the "Happy & Brainy" group, and the author giveaways (my novel, Reason Reigns, is listed). Could I add you as my friend?

Warmest regards,


message 2: by Ali (new)

Ali My thoughts exactly!! But im doing it against all odds n loving it!! Do what u love and the rest will work itself out .

message 3: by Stars (new)

Stars & Moons Whenever i search for a book on here i always looks for someone with a 5 star review. Thank you! You have convinced me to go and buy this book.

message 4: by Neha (new)

Neha Nair Awesome book

message 5: by Janice (new)

Janice Jrules my sentiments exactly. I love this book it has help me shape my life as I am also one of the few that stands by her beliefs no matter what people or society thinks

message 6: by Psykeactiv1 (new)

Psykeactiv1 Glad to know I'm not the only one

message 7: by Alvinisnot (new)

Alvinisnot It's not easy to be true to ourselves when we are in the crowd. Roark is an ideal. I do not believe there exists a person like him, no obstacles from parents and friends. He nearlyvacuumnearly lives in a vacuum. To seek our own identity is a lifelong task.

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