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message 1: by Libby (new)

Libby Grossman i cant wait for this book when i read hunger games i hoped there would be a seconed

message 2: by Arya (new)

Arya I sooo agree with you!! I L-O-V-E-D, loved the Hunger Games!!

message 3: by babyhippoface (new)

babyhippoface Ah, but it is worth the wait!

message 4: by Arya (new)

Arya So true!!

message 5: by Makeda (new)

Makeda Sandfordd I totally agree withh you man .
but, it is worth the wait.

message 6: by Jill (new)

Jill Oh I know I just finished it and I felt really REALLY sorry for Peeta--and all through the games she had no idea that he actually liked her...

message 7: by Philip (new)

Philip I guess your wait's over.

message 8: by Ekaterina (new)

Ekaterina i loved this book! i read it in June so before it came out in September 1st and when i was done i was like omgeee now i have to wait till summer of 2010 for the 3rd book!! man it was great

message 9: by Mji8888888 (new)

Mji8888888 Uhhhhh, i sometimes hate how books can be good because then you have to wait for the sequal and get really annoyed. I finsihed the books in 2 days so i have to wait a while now... :(

message 10: by Sara (new)

Sara I guess I'm surprised you all liked the first one better, I liked it but thought this was way better, maybe I was more into the story and characters this time. Can't wait for the third!

message 11: by Jenna (new)

Jenna A I agree. I did like the first one better, but this one was amazing. Like you said, the arena was genius with the metaphor. I wasn't expecting her to have to go back into the arena. When I was reading honestly that was the last thing I expected to happen. It hadn't even crossed my mind. The end was such a cliff hanger. I just..ah! Love this book.

message 12: by Wendy (new)

Wendy Yeah, it's pretty amazing, IMO.

I feel the re-read brought a broader understanding of the deeper things from this series, and I think that people who are unsatisfied with the third book would benefit from trying to see the metaphor of the whole thing.


message 13: by Ultimate (new)

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message 14: by Miquel Reina (new)

Miquel Reina Great review Wendy!

message 15: by Wendy (new)

Wendy Thank you, very kind :)

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