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Jennifer (aka EM) jo, for me ... there's something of Christopher Boone in Oscar Wao.


message 2: by jo (new)

jo really?????????????? the whole world is conspiring in sending me back to that damn book! :-)

message 3: by Jennifer (aka EM) (last edited Jun 04, 2010 03:06PM) (new)

Jennifer (aka EM) would I lie to you?!?

message 4: by Jessica (new)

Jessica i thought this book was great! and ive been wanting to read oscar wao. if im not totally encumbered this semester, its gonna happen. :)

message 5: by Christian (new)

Christian I completely agree with all your points.

The voice is flawless. The audiobook rocked my world. It made my drives to and from work tolerable.

You better get used to Oscar. I hear the movie will be out in a couple years. They may even adapt it to the stage. Look what they've done to Fight Club and Coraline.

message 6: by jo (new)

jo did you like oscar, christian?

message 7: by Christian (new)

Christian I did. I liked it's narration. I enjoyed the comic book/video game/ 80's/90's references, and most of the obscurities laced throughout. I enjoyed the struggle of the footnotes. It got to me on a bunch of levels. But, and I don't know why, when I think of the total experience of the novel it's not "OH I LOVED IT!" It's more, "Damn, he did a great job on that. Can't wait to read that novel he's writing about werewolves."

message 8: by jo (new)

jo hahahahaha.

are you working on a novel on werewolves, christian?

message 9: by Christian (new)

Christian I wish! If I do, look out Oscar Wao!

message 10: by Cecily (new)

Cecily Avoiding cuteness is a good point that I hadn't consciously registered, but you're absolutely right. It could easily have been ruined by being too sentimental.

message 11: by Michael (new)

Michael your review made me cry. what a beautiful way of explaining it.

message 12: by jo (new)

jo awww. thank you so much, michael.

message 13: by Kaziar (new)

Kaziar Rawls Your review is the one that sent me over the edge of wanting to read it. I got chills and all it is is a list of reasons! Great convincing review!

message 14: by jo (new)

jo that's a great compliment, kaziar. thank you so much. hope you enjoy it as much as i did.

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