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message 1: by [deleted user] (new)

Edan--my gripe with this book was that by the time I reached the perspective of the third girl (sorry, I can't remember what order they told their stories in) it started to drag some hearing the same story again, even if it was from another perspective. I love Atwood, and that she wrote this book, but it started to feel a bit slow for me. You didn't get that feeling?

message 2: by Edan (new)

Edan I definitely agree with the beginning--hearing the same story from three different perspectives gets old. But after that section, the book really takes off, and each perspective is different (and the stories they tell are different).

message 3: by [deleted user] (new)

Yes, I agree there. I almost feel like I should upgrade this to 3 stars. 2 feels a bit unfair now...

message 4: by Edan (new)

Edan no, stick with your first instinct!

message 5: by [deleted user] (new)

Yes, but it WAS a star count based on a book I read long ago...I KNOW those ratings are never completely accurate. But I'll stick with it. :)

message 6: by Jude (new)

Jude perhaps " women are crazy because men are stupid." ?
no - not even that. how bout men are stupid & women are crazy because that's the script they get....?

at this point i think i can be accused of projecting all my own perspective/politics onto Atwood and interpreting her work from there. so the women love men because they are straight women and they run into men at the right time at the right hormone level with the right emotional baggage in play and voila. ( don't get me wrong, true for queer femmes, too - this is just about what happens to quality control when we fall in love.)

which is to say not stupid objects of love, but stupid love. and the woman with mythic/male agency is the kind of stupid that lives without peers and/or love.

i don't think the stupid is a function of being male, but in this world, the love women feel (for anyone) that can be revealed to be self-destructively stupid is culturally nourished from a formative age in a fairly sex-specific kind of way. imho. and then there's that transference thing i do with Atwood, so i can often read her narratives and see this played out.

and when it doesn't play out as precisely, those tend to be the Atwood books i don't get. duh.

self-awareness of which decreases my joy not one wit ;->!

message 7: by Johari (new)

Johari i read this book MANY years ago, but i still think of it as one of my favorites. probably time for me to reread it.

message 8: by Alice (new)

Alice I read this book in high school and I’m sure I was too young for it (I didn’t like it much). It ended a Margaret Atwood phase in which I read nearly all the books she’d published at that point. The one I enjoyed the most was Lady Oracle because it was funny (and about a woman still trapped in her childhood/teenage mindset so I was probably able to relate to it better). I keep meaning to go back and reread The Robber Bride because I’m sure I’d get more out of it now.

message 9: by Chris (new)

Chris I love the "You are a woman with a man inside watching a woman." line too. Probably one of my all time favourites.

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