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message 1: by Devyani (new)

Devyani SO FAST ? :o

Usain Bolt .

message 2: by Keertana (new)

Keertana LOL! One of my friends had both the books on her Kindle and I recently bought a Kindle like...two days ago, so she let me borrow them since you can share books on Kindle. Plus, these books are so addictive and fast-paced, so I figured I might as well get to Onyx. I hated that cookie scene in the beginning though...ugh! Either than that, so far, so good... ;)

message 3: by Devyani (new)

Devyani I agree with the fast-paced angle . I devoured this book like whack . Also , since Katy seems to be a bit more smarter , I approve ;)
Oh just wait till you get to the scene where Daemon's possessive streak shows . He is so mean ;)

message 4: by Keertana (new)

Keertana Nooo! Please don't tell me there's a love triangle! :(

message 5: by Eunice (new)

Eunice Happy reading, Keertana! I devoured this in two-seating. Haha! Katy gets a little frustrating here, especially during the earlier parts but as soon as we get pass that it was all really great. Haha! Hope you like this too. :)

message 6: by Keertana (new)

Keertana Thanks Eunice! I'm enjoyed it so far and I'm glad to see it gets better as the novel progresses! I'm really hoping I enjoy it! :D

message 7: by Devyani (new)

Devyani You will find out eventually .
And you will like the end product . But since the 'love triangle' word gives me the shudders too , I'll just leave you with this ,

"There is no competition ."-Katy .
(You're a smart girl . You know who :D )

message 8: by Keertana (new)

Keertana Well, as long as there's no love triangle, I'm all good. Although Daemon is still majorly annoying... *sigh* He better improve! >.<

message 9: by Devyani (new)

Devyani He will ! He will ! :D
He better ..

message 10: by Keertana (new)

Keertana I know right? I want to smack him now, but there's a loong way for him to improve! :)

message 11: by Devyani (new)

Devyani I was going to write the same thing , the smacking-thing that is :D

The Alien will work his magic.
How far have you reached ? :)

message 12: by Keertana (new)

Keertana I just got the part where they went out on a date (Blake and Katy). I'll probably take a break now to get some schoolwork done and then lunch and then get back into it. Why am I not surprised Daemon ruined their date? And which Indian restaurant sells noodles?

message 13: by Teresa (new)

Teresa I am so, so jealous that you got a copy already, Keertana. Just know that even though I love you, I kind of loathe you right now. (JK! JK!) So how is it?

message 14: by Keertana (last edited Aug 24, 2012 06:58PM) (new)

Keertana I'm around half-way through it and while Katy got a little annoying with her constant denial of her feelings towards Daemon and I originally still thought Daemon was a jerk in the beginning of the novel, I have to admit that he's warming up to me. Plus, I'm liking the direction the plot is headed. I'm probably never going to become a die-hard Daemon fan, but I'm planning to finish this tonight since it's just so much fun to read! :)

P.S. - I am so, so sorry I haven't replied to your post yet! I'm going to do that first thing tomorrow morning! I've been so bogged down with schoolwork before the summer ends, so I'm very sorry about that!

message 15: by Devyani (new)

Devyani I was a bit annoyed about the samething , the noodle thing that is . But I chose not to dwell on it or else there would have been a series of furious explanations . And what's more weird is how she says something about yellowish-brownish coloured noodle...*Faceplam*

message 16: by Keertana (new)

Keertana Yeah, I know right? I had a major :head desk: moment right there! I like that Indian characters and culture seems to be prevalent in YA Novels these days, but seriously, at least make it authentic. Anyway, no point getting hung up over that when Daemon Black is in the picture, is there? ;)

message 17: by Devyani (new)

Devyani yayayayayayay !
*Does happy dance*

Waiting for your whole review :D

message 18: by Keertana (new)

Keertana Yup! :) I don't think it'll come for awhile since I want to read Shadows, the prequel novella, and then do a series review on my blog, so once I get that written out, I'll post it up on GoodReads...I'm a bit behind on reviews though, so I'll try to get this up soon! :)

message 19: by Devyani (last edited Aug 26, 2012 09:10AM) (new)

Devyani I understand :)
I seem to be the queen of being behind in reviews . I was supposed to write three reviews in these two days but it just sort of flew away and here I am reviewless :P
I haven't even written a review for Seraphina *looks around nervously* ..that was like three months ago .

message 20: by Keertana (new)

Keertana Nope, I am totally competing with you for that crown, Devyani! ;) I have an entire shelf full of reviews I need to write! :facepalm:
I loveddddd Seraphina! SO GOOD! I wrote the longest review ever for that book! I can't wait to read your review of it though...if you ever get around to writing it! ;)

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