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message 1: by Alexis (new)

Alexis I totally said it so much better than I did. I'm glad someone else felt the same way.

message 2: by April (new)

April Absolutely, I couldn't wait for the "Julia" chapters to be over.

message 3: by Kendra (new)

Kendra I couldn't agree more and couldn't even be bothered to write a review I was so sick of Julia by the end.

message 4: by Sarah (new)

Sarah Smith Completely agree with you here. I was even willing to put up with her story for most of the book, but the last few chapters were dull and predictable.

message 5: by Swallowfeather (new)

Swallowfeather Even though I was profoundly affected by Sarah's story, I agree completely about the "Julia" storyline.

And it's too bad, because that part of the book *could* have been done right--the wrenching moment with this family finally facing the traumatic secret that no one talks about, that was a good moment and could have been better--if Julia had inspired us to care whether she lived or died! That moment ought to have been the center of that plotline... the plotline itself should have been shortened drastically, with less crap about the insensitive husband, and definitely WITHOUT the stupid so-called "happy ending."

message 6: by Theresa (new)

Theresa Bracht I agree 100%

message 7: by KC (new)

KC So true - this book was uneven, like the author couldn't decide what story she was telling. Parts of it ring so true, and then there's the rest - Also, have to say I was stunned to find out that English is this author's first language. As I was reading it, I was convinced that she wasn't a native English speaker - the rhythm of her prose is off.

message 8: by Tiffany (new)

Tiffany Garcia I completely agree! Here I was completely wired with Sarah's story then all of a sudden the author completely cuts Sarah's perpective out of the book and reverts to the boring journalist. At that point, I read through it as fast as I could to get it over and done with.

message 9: by Nicole (new)

Nicole It is based on a true story, not a pretend superdome! I can understand your irritation with Julia but not you insensitivity of the situation with Sarah and her brother!

message 10: by Ronel (new)

Ronel As I understand it, the part about the Vel d'Hive round-up and the Nazi's final solution is based on a true story. However, the characters of Sarah and her family are figments of the author's imagination.

I don't think anyone stands unsympathetic towards the plight of the persecuted masses of WWII. Molly commented on the book as it is written and not on the historical events which forms the back drop to the story.

message 11: by Billie (new)

Billie Hays I absolutely loved the book. I am recommending it to all my friends. I actually liked the two different stories that were linked by Julia's feelings/responses to what she was learning about Sarah. With each chapter about Sarah we learned more about the past and then the next chapter Julia was learning more and I felt like she was offering up some kind of retribution for at least one of the families hurt by the roundup. It was an awful time, but I didn't feel so hopeless reading this, as I have reading other books that dealt with the holocaust.

message 12: by Eleanor (new)

Eleanor Am about half way through Sarah's Key, and completely agree - the writing is really mediocre - she falls back too often on cliches - and Julia's little trivial worries are infuriating.

message 13: by Dani (new)

Dani Completely and utterly agree with you. In the end, once Sarah's chapters ended, I completely lost interest.

message 14: by Jamie (new)

Jamie I totally agree. I hated the switch back and forth and was really annoyed with Julia the whole time.

message 15: by Bubbly (new)

Bubbly Definitely agree -- hated Julia's annoying story line

message 16: by Barbara (new)

Barbara I completely agree with your assessment.

message 17: by Zaphoddent (new)

Zaphoddent I love this review. I'm halfway through this book and can't stand Julia's story.

message 18: by Barb (new)

Barb Molly I just finished this and I'm so glad it's over! It goes on my 'most disappointing' and 'books everyone but me loves'. I listened to the audio version and I think that may have made it even WORSE...if that's possible. Horrible writing!

message 19: by Ronel (new)

Ronel Barb wrote: "Molly I just finished this and I'm so glad it's over! It goes on my 'most disappointing' and 'books everyone but me loves'. I listened to the audio version and I think that may have made it even W..."

Lol!!! If it was read by a nasal, whining woman with an america accent it would have been a perfect fit.

message 20: by Barb (new)

Barb it was a perfect fit!

message 21: by Michelle (new)

Michelle Completely agree

message 22: by Lisafliny (new)

Lisafliny exactly

message 23: by Elizabeth (new)

Elizabeth Moore The fact that you have compared the conditions at the Vel' d'Hiv' to those at the Superdome make it impossible to take your review seriously. Wow. Just wow.

message 24: by Annikabunny (new)

Annikabunny Completely agree!

message 25: by Aubrey (new)

Aubrey Hinchman I LIKE the Julia chapters. Because I think that small problems can feel huge to people who don't experience big ones. Besides, in the midst of all the tragedy, I needed some "small" problems to deal with. If you can even call a husband forcing his wife into an abortion a small problem.

message 26: by M (new)

M CDC totally agree, the american story was pathetic

message 27: by Sam (new)

Sam Pennock I totally disagree I found this book to be very enjoyable and emotional and couldn't wait to get back to 'sarah' or 'julia'.... I couldn't put it down!!

message 28: by Taylor (new)


message 29: by Kirsten (new)

Kirsten I couldn't agree more.

message 30: by Emanjit (new)

Emanjit Singh exactly what I was thinking!

message 31: by Nichola (new)

Nichola Reymond well said.

message 32: by Jamie (new)

Jamie I agree! I just started it and got over it immediately. The writing is definitely mediocre. I was bored 5 pages in. I adored the film adaptation so was keen to give it a go!

message 33: by Erica (new)

Erica Childress I think you're too harsh in you're assessment, as Julia's story is what is going on in her life at the time... It ties the story together between the past and present and gives an anchor. The French husband is a selfish brat.

message 34: by Lara-ashleigh (new)

Lara-ashleigh Pieterse Sums it up perfectly. After Sarah's story was left it became a burden to keep turning those pages.

message 35: by Val (new)

Val I just wrote a similar review. I couldn't agree more with what you've said.

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