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message 1: by Melody (new)

Melody UpAllNightNovels.com I'm on edelweiss, but don't have the option for this one, which is TORTURE! lol so thank you so so so much for the review! :) I'm so glad "someone" (who isn't Ku'sox) is going to get what he deserves! I adore Newt. Every one of her crazy layers amuses me. Al is also wonderful, and we already know that he cares a great deal. After all, only demons who could love survived the trip to the ever after. :) But I'm REALLY hoping Rachel wakes up and smells the cookies. ;) definitely hoping her HEA is with Trent.

Again, thanks SO MUCH for the wonderful review. And your English is excellent ma'am!

message 2: by Klint (new)

Klint Thank you Melody! Im glad you like it, is hard write a review without spoilers ;)
You will love EA, I cant wait for everybody to read and comment the book!
I think the HEA is Trent, but to tell you the truth, Rachel is very awake, the one who needs a little push is mr elf....

message 3: by TK (new)

TK Where did you get the ARC? I would love one!

message 4: by Klint (new)

Klint Tracy wrote: "Where did you get the ARC? I would love one!"

In edelweiss :)

message 5: by Bakshree (new)

Bakshree Mishra I hope 'Nasty' = Nick!! :D

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