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Laurel Completely agree on all points!! I couldn't help but think of my own travels and hunger for adventure when reading his story. I of course never ventured into the wilderness on my own (I don't think I'd last even 2 days), but I did backpack through Europe and drove across the U.S. for 2 months with a friend. We made mistakes along the way, too -- not packing warm enough clothes, not having food with us during long train rides, getting off trail while hiking in a national park, etc. All proved harmless, but I think sometimes people forget how easy it is to misjudge your situation and make mistakes.

I have never been to Alaska but would love to go someday! And, of course, stay in a nice hotel with lots of amenities. ;)

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Laurel Mademoiselle -- it is definitely a haunting tale. I finished it a week ago but keep thinking about it. Just so sad such a young, intelligent and passionate life was lost.

Chandra -- your Yellowstone comment made me laugh. So true! :) I could also relate to your Paris experience. My friend and I ran into a similar situation in Rome when we arrived only to find all the youth hostels were booked. We ended up staying in this REALLY nasty (and kind of scary) pensione because it was all we could find. Same thing happened in Berlin and we had to stay in the hostel's closet! :) Again, all harmless things, but it made me realize that when you're young, it is easy to make the assumption that all will just work out and you can make it up as you go along. But it doesn't always work out, unfortunately.

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