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message 1: by K. (last edited Aug 07, 2012 05:14PM) (new)

K. This comment alone convinces me...despite my strong aversion to the cover.

message 2: by Sarah (saz101) (new)

Sarah (saz101) Hehehe, I actually like the cover a little, but I wish the boy was as hot as I imagined Lucas. I REALLY liked it. I kind of have an aversion to self-pubbed books, but... I just loved it :D

message 3: by K. (new)

K. I'm thinking this is going to be a guilty-pleasure? Haha :)

message 4: by Sarah (saz101) (new)

Sarah (saz101) YES :D
and no?
I mean... seriously, the book's about two things: rape and romance. But thankfully not in a creepy 1980's Johanna Lindsay way. I was really impressed with how she handled the issue... it was with real sensitivity, and.... kind of in a constructive way? Like... the effect on the victim, the sense of guilty AND responsibility... peoples' reactions? AMAZING... but oh my goodness. THE ROMANCE, K, THE ROMANCE O___O

SO EFFING HAWT. I LOVE the love interest, Lucas. Like... seriously. And it's not all chaste kisses and everything--I'm talking adult-level hot.

And... as WRONG as the combination sounds... I just... I really loved it :D

I am going to be mortified if you don't :D

message 5: by Reynje (new)

Reynje Looking forward to your review :) I agree with you on the way the issue of rape was handled, I think the author did an excellent job there. (view spoiler)

message 6: by Sarah (saz101) (new)

Sarah (saz101) (view spoiler)

Thanks Reynje ^__^

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