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message 1: by Gloria (new)

Gloria Bernal I'm beginning to feel the same way... I am only at page 120 and wondering whether to continue

message 2: by Brian (new)

Brian Page 120 is too early to get a good impression. There's a lot of character development done up front, which seems to make it start out slowly, but by the middle of the book it starts to take off.

message 3: by Gloria (last edited Jul 08, 2010 11:50AM) (new)

Gloria Bernal Well Brian, I did finish it, and although it got better, I won't be going on to the others. Disappointed after all the hype. It was an odd novel, in my lowly opinion, not what I'd call a riveting suspenseful page-turner.

message 4: by Rachelle (new)

Rachelle Gloria, I absolutely felt the same as you regarding both of your posts. I had to push myself along with what seemed like tedious character development (little of which ever mattered) and while it did take off a bit in the middle I felt very let down with how it all turned out.

message 5: by Gloria (new)

Gloria Bernal Thanks Rachelle, glad it isn't just me. In our book club they all really liked it except me, and are going on to the rest of the books. Not me, I'm not that interested. Appreciate your comments ;)

message 6: by Kayla (new)

Kayla Glad it's not just me. I'm in the 200's and still not sold on it. It just seem sooo slooow. I wish they would get to the point. Brian, you mentioned that 120 is too early to get a good impression--it shouldn't be. That's part of the problem for me. I would never eat a quarter of a plate of bland-tasting food just because someone promised me it would taste better at the halfway mark. I want it to be good from the first bite! Or page. However...I will carry on, if only for this one book.

message 7: by Gayle (new)

Gayle I really wanted to love this book. Unfortunately I was very sadly disappointed. I gave it a 148 page opportunity to impress me, but it didn't. I closed it and never looked back. It was sluggish and boring and a real struggle. The movie was so much better.

message 8: by Gloria (new)

Gloria Bernal I'm glad I'm not the only one that was unimpressed. I think we all expect more when there is so much hoopla about something, but the first half was a real a snore. We have a 100 page rule in our book club and I think that's a good rule...move on after that if you're not interested. too many books, as they say, so little time ;)

message 9: by Gayle (new)

Gayle Well said, Gloria. Couldn't agree more!

message 10: by Angela (new)

Angela I am on page 119 and starting to contemplate putting the book down for good. Especially since I am hearing comments on the disturbing rape scenes.

message 11: by Kayla (new)

Kayla Angela wrote: "I am on page 119 and starting to contemplate putting the book down for good. Especially since I am hearing comments on the disturbing rape scenes."

I say go for it, Angela. You're not missing anything, so don't lose any sleep over not finishing it.

message 12: by Linda (new)

Linda Sands yep. stop now... those are hours of your life you will never regain. freaking waste. ;(

message 13: by Ray (new)

Ray Bearfield I was, perhaps, halfway through and left it on the table at a Wendy’s restaurant one night after my son’s lacrosse practice. I never got the urge to return for it.

message 14: by Linda (new)

Linda Sands HAHAHAHA Ray. Love it.

message 15: by Mike (new)

Mike Thank god I am not alone. This is one of the most boring books I ever read. I quit after page 180. Why the hell do people like this?

message 16: by Naimi (new)

Naimi I was on page 300 on the train, and the guy next to me said, "oh you are getting to the good part." Seriously?! No book should be this boring.

message 17: by Lee (new)

Lee Possibly the worst book I've ever read. And by "read", I mean "skimmed".

message 18: by Bilqis (new)

Bilqis yeah I hated the book and the characters aswell.

message 19: by Oli (new)

Oli i can't believe it that ppl can have such opinion about This many diverties in the world...:)..good

message 20: by Sara (new)

Sara It started out slowly and I tossed aside bored. After hearing people go on and on about it I decided to give it another try. I am glad I did at page150 I am totally hooked..

message 21: by Robert McDonald (new)

Robert McDonald Hy

message 22: by The Fireblaster (new)

The Fireblaster I liked it but agree it's not for everybody.

message 23: by The Fireblaster (new)

The Fireblaster I liked it but agree it's not for everybody.

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