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message 1: by Jason (new)

Jason Whenever I hear "Ron Rash," I think "Steve Holt." I don't know why.
steve holt

message 2: by Jason (last edited Jul 20, 2012 03:30PM) (new)

Jason Great review, Steve! Jennifer Lawrence would approve.

message 3: by Steve (new)

Steve Jason wrote: "Whenever I hear "Ron Rash," I think "Steve Holt." I don't know why."

I may be due to cycle through the Arrested Development series again soon. Getting started on Breaking Bad is the higher priority, though.

Oh, and it's good to know that Jennifer L. would approve. :-) Thanks!

message 4: by Jason (new)

Jason Oh no way!! How bizarre. I feel partly like an asshole, but partly like, whoaaah. Check this out:

message 5: by Jason (new)

Jason I either straight up subliminally registered this steve holt thing from karen's review or I actually had the same weird response to the monosyllabic name. How wild!

message 6: by Steve (last edited Jul 20, 2012 08:37PM) (new)

Steve That is kind of crazy, Jason. Ron has even got that arm pump thing going.

message 7: by Stephen M (new)

Stephen M Hope you enjoy BB Steve. It's one of my favorites.

Sweet review, that last quote is really great.

message 8: by Traveller (new)

Traveller Why do i Wallas feel drawn to read about baddies?

message 9: by karen (new)

karen Jason wrote: "Whenever I hear "Ron Rash," I think "Steve Holt." I don't know why.


really?? is it because i used it in my review, or are we just that connected in the brain?

message 10: by Jason (last edited Jul 21, 2012 06:40PM) (new)

Jason I have no idea which. I don't dispute that we are both pretty fucked up in the head. But in this case I have to imagine that I saw your review and that cemented the connection in my head, which was then retriggered by this review. Because I already knew that you love Ron Rash.

Still, we are so connected!

message 11: by Jeffrey (new)

Jeffrey Keeten I have this on my list. Great review Steve! I need to shove it up the list.

message 12: by Jason (new)

Jason Don't shove it too hard!

message 13: by Will (new)

Will Byrnes Great review, Steve. Rash was deliberately writing about the rape of the land as a metaphor for today. I guess one can't get much more rapacious than the many corporations that make it their business to leave no tree/mountaintop/fish/cubic foot of clean air behind. Serena stands in well for them.

You will find also that Serena gilds her Shakespearean lily by speaking in iambic pentameter. I love it when poets wrote novels.

message 14: by Steve (last edited Jul 24, 2012 07:08AM) (new)

Steve Stephen -- Thanks. I liked that last quote well enough to stick it in without much of a segue. And BB is just now at the head of the queue.

Traveller -- Oh, and she is bad. Think of Cathy from East of Eden and add more power to do harm.

karen -- I've been hoping for an antidote for the times I find myself connected in the brain with Jason. BTW, I should have thanked you and Will for the implicit prompt to read this one.

Jason -- If I find that antidote, it may also work for your own connections with karen. No guarantees, though. The reticula involved in such an affinity are bound to be intricate.

Jeffrey -- Thank you. I think from others I've seen you rate highly, this one is going to pull you in with its Gothic appeal.

Will -- Special thanks to you for talking this one up. Your review points out a lot of what I enjoyed.

No one in particular -- I just got back from a reunion with the "Earth Mother" side of my family. It seemed natural to talk Rash up as a kindred spirit.

message 15: by Misha (new)

Misha HJ "There are enough of them that Jennifer Lawrence can’t possibly play them all in movie versions" -- We need a clone machine!
Thanks for the review :D

message 16: by Steve (new)

Steve Thanks, Misha. :-) I always appreciate the feedback. A clone machine is a great idea!

message 17: by Shonna (new)

Shonna Great review -- we'll said. Enjoyed the Greek chorus similie; seemed bang on to me.

message 18: by Steve (new)

Steve Much appreciated, Shonna. I bet this will be a popular movie, giving the book a second life.

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