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message 1: by Ferdy (new)

Ferdy IKR..I hated that Falin was so cold to her! I know he had no choice but why the eff was he then messing her around and giving her hope. I was annoyed that Alex was still chasing him when he was acting like such a jerk. Ugh, if he really cared about her he would have just remained professional and not been hot and cold with her.
I also think that he still loves the Winter Queen..in the previous book Alex asked him if he did and he completely avoided the question..and why would he unless it was true since fae can't lie.
I hope she sticks with Death because he's so upfront with his feelings for her. If there's another book, I hope Alex doesn't flip flop between the two.

message 2: by Ferdy (new)

Ferdy Apparently the author's recently signed for another 3 books in the series..now I don't feel quite so cheated by that ending.
I'm guessing that the love triangle will drag on until the very end. The next book will no doub thave Alex whining about her not being able to be with Death and getting all hurt that Falin is acting like a cold bitch..ugh. I'll be pissed if she betrays Death and sleeps with Falin.
How the hell can he just move in with Alex in the first place..she's not even part of the Winter court so the queen can't do that?! Unless he's actually moving in with Caleb?! Grr..I'm so sick of Falin and the Winter queen!
I want to know more about Alex's dad - was I right in thinking that her dad said that Casey and her brother weren't even his bio kids?? If so why does he favour Casey more and treat Alex like crap?? It doesn;t really make sense.
I hate that the things we want explaining are not even touched upon and instead we have to read through a load of other rubbish that's not even important to the series as a whole.

message 3: by Ferdy (new)

Ferdy Yea I was totally confused about Casey and her brother's being back ups. When Alex said to her dad that he should tell Casey about being fae he implied that she's not. But saying they were backups to her mum's genetic line and saying that her mum needed that necklace to hide her appearance meant she must have been some sort of supernatural.
I always thought Alex's mum was human, I'm sure Alex said that she inherited her fae side from her dad. I don't get why Alex doesn't keep asking her dad about her mum and the family history in general. If her dad doesn't tell her then FGS she's a PI, shouldn't she IDK do some investigating?! Why the hell does a supposedly intelligent character stay willfully ignorant?!
I don't want the next book to concentrate on some random case or for Alex to moan about her love - life..oh no 2 guys love me - woe is me! Like you said I want it to be about Alex's family and the fae courts.

message 4: by Simon (new)

Simon Wood The thing that pissed me off the most about this book, other than the fact that it didn't deal with all the fantastic 'Faerie' shit that was set up the last one, was that Alex didn't really seem to give too much of a shit about her potentially being able to have death in her life in a real way. It was all very 'ho-hum', well I guess that's fine. Only been in love with him for ever. 'Oh, now it turns out I can't have him anymore. Well, I guess that's okay too. Whatever.'

message 5: by Ferdy (new)

Ferdy Simon wrote: "The thing that pissed me off the most about this book, other than the fact that it didn't deal with all the fantastic 'Faerie' shit that was set up the last one, was that Alex didn't really seem to..."

Yea, looking back Alex's reaction to not being able to be with Death was so meh. She claimed she loved him but she didn't really fight for him, it did seem that he was way more into her than she was him. I think she's going to one of those heroines that whines and wants whatever guy at the time is treating her coldly or shutting her out. I'm hoping the triangle is resolved in the next book, I can't stand it when it's dragged out for loads of books.

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