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message 1: by Corina (new)

Corina " it's just description, endless description."
Agreed. Ah, to read Diamond Age again for the first time!

message 2: by Marc (new)

Marc Weidenbaum Yeah, exactly — the gap between these two books is significant, and telling.

message 3: by Stephen (new)

Stephen Shame about Reamde - it's slipped down my to-read as a result of your review. I haven't read the Cryptonomicon yet, but should get round to it soon. I didn't enjoy The Diamond Age anywhere near as much as The Baroque Cycle - that I just wanted to keep going forever. I always find that Stephenson has a real problem with endings. I've not read a book by him that I thought really tied stuff up effectively. But I can forgive that 'cos they're such a blast to read.

Didja read Anathem? (Again, I haven't).

message 4: by Marc (new)

Marc Weidenbaum Maybe Reamde will someone reveal itself to me as, like many of Stephenson's novels, something that simply has its own audience. I didn't think much of Diamond Age the first time I read it (unlike Corina), but the second time through I was blown away, and the third and fourth just marveled at it all. Cryptonomicon is less emotional than Diamond Age, but really strong with all the interplay of character and incident and layers of meaning and ricocheting of thoughts between plots and time periods. I have yet to pierce the Baroque Cycle. I've gotten a few hundred pages into Quicksilver several times but never any further.

Yeah, I've read Anathem, which is part of why I found Reamde so confusing in its lack of ambition. Anathem tries to act on your — I think correct — concern about Stephenson's endings, but even when he actively tries to build to an actual ending, it's not all that great. But the rest of it has much to recommend it.

message 5: by Stephen (new)

Stephen Okay - I'll put Anathem ahead of Reamde, but still behind Cryptonomicon. Now just need a couple of decent-length holidays to enjoy them.

message 6: by Marc (new)

Marc Weidenbaum Cool. I'd still put Crypto even ahead of Anathem by a mile, but mileage may vary.

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