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message 1: by Jill (new)

Jill Stuart, have you read NEXT? That's another Texas stream-of-consciousness book. Great review, btw!

message 2: by Stuart (new)

Stuart I have a bias against Texas, Dallas in particular. If I go stream of consciousness again, I think I need to pick another state. Broaden my horizons. Maybe, I dunno, Rhode Island?

message 3: by Jill (new)

Jill Hahaha! You mean, you don't like the state that produced "W" and Santorum? Not exactly Leopold Bloom types, are they?

message 4: by Stuart (last edited Jun 20, 2012 07:06AM) (new)

Stuart Texas and me don't get along. The list of bizarre things that have happened to me there is long. I think it was Woody Guthrie who said, "Marry a Texas girl. No matter what happens she's seen worse."

message 5: by Nancy (new)

Nancy You made me chuckle. I started to lead into my review with your thought, " If you're a conservative war hawk or a Dallas Cowboys fan, I suggest that you stay away from this book. It will be too cynical for you." When I remembered how few of those people read literature, I went another way.

message 6: by Stuart (new)

Stuart Thanks. It's probably true that conservative war hawks don't read many novels. But maybe there's a Dallas Cowboys fan or two in the stands with a book to read during those persistent and long TV timeouts.

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