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message 1: by Karin (new)

Karin I really enjoyed the book. I think the whole point of the book WAS the emphasis on the intended publication. The author wrote the book about two girls writing a book, if you get what I mean.
Also the fact that it took 30 years to figure out that the stool would ease their lives was because no one probably suggested it or made one for them. They lived in a small town and probably didn't know alot about their 'outside' world. Remember this was before 'Internet'. I also disagree that the pregnancy was far-fetched. I wouldn't say she was raped because she obviously consented to it. Sounds totally plausible that they would get caught up in the moment. I think the author should have written more about the pregnancy and birth experience, since it would have been unique. The fact that the birth was kept secret seemed the most far-fetched. How do you keep something like that a secret? I must confess I agree with the drugs circulating throughout both of their bodies. I think it's a very beautifully written story. Not to slight your opinions, because everyone interprets books differently. That's ultimately the beauty of reading though. :)

message 2: by Regan (new)

Regan I agree with karin's comments above...all I'll add is that, medically, it is very possible drugs/meds would effect the 2 much as they share a blood supply, they have 2 totally different systems & are not identical, they are fraternal, thus having diff DNA mixes that could have diff responses to diff meds...just as any 2 siblings would...I enjoyed the story, however, I really do wish the pregnancy would have been dicussed more.

message 3: by Isabel (new)

Isabel The focus of publishing the book (in my opinion) was absolutely necessary in understanding why Rose wanted to write it in the first place. Not only that - it also corresponded with her goal of having it published prior to their death. And in the end it wasn't so much about seeking out a publisher but more about Rose accepting her impending death. I loved that they actually did not die. It's fiction - I didn't ponder why anyone didn't give them a wheelchair sooner - just like I didn't ponder the notion of one of them taking a 'leave of absence from work'. I took it for what it was - their story. I wish everyone had an Aunt Lovey in their lives. And Uncle Stash - well he was my biggest disappointment in the book when I realized he was having an affair...but again - it was the small but yet explosive details that made this book so human.

message 4: by Cheryl (new)

Cheryl @Regan, it is medically impossible to be fraternal twins and be co-joined. You are an identical twin as one egg almost separated into two human beings.

message 5: by Denise (new)

Denise Cameron I agree with 1, it was just all Rose was about. That or sports, and her love of sports seemed very generic. Also agree with 3.

message 6: by Misha24 (new)

Misha24 I set out reading this book and not knowing what to expect. It was a story that I had never heard of before so I figured I would give it a try. I was very pleased! I grew to love both Rose and Ruby and almost shed tears when I learned of their impending death. The book was both beautifully written and very original.

message 7: by Abbyk (new)

Abbyk I agree with Laura. I grew very weary of these narrators. Half-way through I started to skim. It felt sentimental and gimmicky to me.

message 8: by Lenise (new)

Lenise Started off good for me and I enjoyed it up until about half way. I don't usually not finish a book but this jus seemed to drag on so much that I googled the rest. The author did a very good job at making it seem like a real autobiography, I must admit I did come to love ruby and Rosie. But by the middle of the book it kept going way off track and I lost interest... So I googled the ending. Bittersweet... Concept: beautiful... Read: dreary!

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