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message 1: by Alice ♔ (new)

Alice ♔ a really, really bad change of covers in my opinion. :/ HONESTLY. WHY?!

message 2: by Adeeb (new)

Adeeb seriously, what the f*** is wrong with publishers these days! theyre changing EVERY SINGLE cover on the end of the series.

message 3: by Adeeb (new)

Adeeb what do the rest look like? the new designs i mean

message 5: by Alice ♔ (new)

Alice ♔ It's so damn STUPID. Some I understand, but this is just unnecessary! TWO BOOKS HAVE ALREADY BEEN RELEASED!

message 6: by Adeeb (new)

Adeeb Braiden wrote: ""

honestly I love these covers...but I HATE how they dont keep the original. Wait till it's finished THEN redesign!

message 7: by Adeeb (new)

Adeeb so is the AMS paperback look like this? cuz im waiting for the pb!

message 8: by Braiden (new)

Braiden I think it will. You might as well get the UK paperback.

Catriona (LittleBookOwl) ARGH OMFG THIS MAKES ME WANT TO STAB SOMETHING!!! I hate when publishers change covers halfway through a series! Most frustrating thing EVER especially when it's a change for the worse :'(

message 10: by Alice ♔ (new)

Alice ♔ If it was a change for the better, it's still frustrating, but it isn't AS BAD. This is just absurd! And I'm also going to be holding out for the UK paperback instead of the US one now...just as long as the they don't change their covers either. *mumble grumble*

message 11: by Adeeb (new)

Adeeb well if u think, the UK pbs are so small! and the covers arent exactly better than this either

message 12: by Alice ♔ (new)

Alice ♔ Urgh well I MUCH prefer the UK paperbacks over this. These covers look like no effort has been put into them. :/

message 13: by Jody (new)

Jody oh no seriously is that the cover, god that sucks big time. I hate it. What are they thinking!!!!

message 14: by Jody (new)

Jody Still got to read book 2 though.

message 15: by Braiden (new)

Braiden Jody wrote: "Still got to read book 2 though."

Oh Jody you have got to read book 2 already!!! :P

message 16: by Chrissy (new)

Chrissy I adore these books, but wow, this cover is bad.

message 17: by Sarah (saz101) (new)

Sarah (saz101) UGH UGH UGH YES! I LOVED the starry covers so, SO much. My favorite book covers. EVER. IN THE WORLD. And these make me cry :(

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