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message 1: by K (new)

K Ooh -- I really want to read this, and of course, can't get it where I am. :(

Please let me know how it is!

message 2: by K (new)

K Well, now I don't feel so bad about not being able to access this book here in Israel.

La Petite Américaine I'll send you my copy if you want....although it's the editor's copy, not the final edition, so no map or acknowledgments page, and some typos.

message 4: by Emma (new)

Emma  Kaufmann I just don't get why so many people liked this book???? It is just crap, plain and simple.

How can anyone defend a book where each character is written in the same voice?

Thank God I didn't buy it just got it from the library.

La Petite Américaine Because the majority of people are stupid cows who need to be fed the same literary garbage. :)

La Petite Américaine LOL. Trust me, you wouldn't like it. You're too smart for this one. :)

message 7: by K (new)

K Thanks for your generous offer to send me the book, but it sound like it's not worth the trouble and expense of mailing it! Or the time I would spend reading it. If I somehow end up with a free copy, I'll give it a try because many people did like it, but at this point I wouldn't make any investment. Thanks anyway, though!

message 8: by Elizabeth (new)

Elizabeth Wow! It must be real nice to be one of the elect few who are not stupid cows. What that must be like. If only I could be intelligent like you. Oh. Wait. I am just a housewife and I liked this book so I must be a bored housewife. A stupid cow and a bored housewife. How will I ever get on in life? I know I'll just go read this book over again and all the other literary garbage out there.

La Petite Américaine Well, if you go patrolling a forum for negative reviews of a book you liked for the sole purpose of arguing with them, then yes, I would say you are more than likely a bored housewife.

message 10: by Elizabeth (new)

Elizabeth Does it make you feel better when you insult other people?
Actually, I just read the book and was reading through what people had to say about it. I am new to this site so maybe I don't get it. Aren't the reviews here for people to read? I only skimmed through the first page of reviews. I don't know if you can consider that "patrolling a forum for negative reviews." I was also not intending to argue, though I did get more defensive than I really should have. I think it is a little judgmental to call someone a stupid cow just because they like a book that you don't.
I am very far from bored with my life. Very far indeed.

La Petite Américaine Don't get so personal. I unsulted the masses, not you. And I stand by what I said.

message 12: by Erik (new)

Erik Emmer Seriously! If you're cruising the site for reviews your going to find positive and negative on EVERY page. It's not personal, its opinion... what this whole site is about.

message 13: by Geneva (new)

Geneva I didn't realize you needed to validate your life with books that make your feel haughtily intelligent. I don't quite understand the pretentious nature of your comments. What is wrong with reading for sentiment? What constitutes worthy reading material? Dostoevsky? Proust? It is possible to put your brain on auto-pilot and just enjoy yourself, and still be quite intelligent. It's a strange dichotomy isn't it? I have a feeling you are too busy patting yourself on the back to enjoy the small things in life. ( Your review wasn't offensive, it was your additional comments that make you look pompous.)

La Petite Américaine Thank you for your opinion. Now go watch the Disney Channel or something, where you'll find lots of non-offensive stuff that makes you feel all fluffy and happy inside about enjoying the "smaller" things in life.

message 15: by Hope (new)

Hope I am not bored with my life, nor am I sentimental. I read plenty of heavier, more "interesting" stories, and I happened to really enjoy this book. Please don't insult people who like something you do not. Keep your review of the book to the book itself.

La Petite Américaine Please don't tell me what to write on my own page. If you don't like it, don't read it.

message 17: by Luda (new)

Luda I didn't love this book but I didn't hate it either. I have lukewarm feelings about it so I gave it 3 stars. What I did love was this review of it! Very entertaining. I totally agree with the cliches Le Petite pointed out. No need for people to get offended though. It's just an opinion.

La Petite Américaine thanks :)

message 19: by Shirley (new)

Shirley Bomgaars Wow - Adelaide Addison lives.

message 20: by Mom (new)

Mom I agree with Luda and with Luda, up there. Didn't love it; didn't hate it. I would give it 2 stars, in that it wasn't illiterate, but it was also kind of precious and not much really happened. It was what I would call too cutesy; I found the author's voice self-conscious and irritating, and imitative of better writers, names of which I cannot recall. What I DID like was learning about Guernsey during WWII and the German occupation, about which I knew nothing.

message 21: by Karen (new)

Karen boring. pointless. cliche.
You're so right! That's exactly what I thought when reading it!

message 22: by Eva (new)

Eva Leger I own this book but haven't read it yet. I probably won't get to it anytime soon but have seen many comments, here and elswhere and it's brought out some very strong feelings in people.
As anyone noticed how defensive people get with certain books? I've loved books that most others have absolutely hated and hated books that were supposed to be "life-changing". That doesn't make me or anyone else anything. If everyone had the same opinion on things this world would certainly be boring. Everyone is allowed their opinion and if La Petite 's opinion isn't what yours is - so what? Move on.....
I interested to see what I think of this book myself!

message 23: by Maia (new)

Maia B. La Petite Américaine wrote: "Because the majority of people are stupid cows who need to be fed the same literary garbage. :)"

I'm sorry; I think I might have misunderstood you. Because I love this book, I'm automatically a "stupid cow"? Everyone else who likes the book are also "stupid cows"?

Well, you're perfectly entitled to your own opinion, but that was so insulting it left me breathless.

message 24: by Deb (last edited Jun 12, 2013 02:46PM) (new)

Deb Please note if your review contains a spoiler. Telling the death of one of the main characters is a spoiler. I know one can safely predict this event. But the book was so syrupy, I was not 100% sure. I am not arguing likes vs dislikes of the book; only asking that reviewers please be careful to note anything that could be considered a spoiler. Thanks

message 25: by Christy (new)

Christy Please add a spoiler alert to this review.

message 26: by Heather (new)

Heather @Petite Americane

La Petite Américaine Heather wrote: "@Petite Americane"


message 28: by Rosa (new)

Rosa Hope is right--you SHOULD just review the book, not the readers! Maia is also right--that's how I felt about your comment. I was going to ask you to be my friend, too. Well, maybe you've changed.

La Petite Américaine Rosa wrote: "Hope is right--you SHOULD just review the book, not the readers! Maia is also right--that's how I felt about your comment. I was going to ask you to be my friend, too. Well, maybe you've changed."


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