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message 1: by Cornmaven (new)

Cornmaven I read that book to my kids a million times when they were little - they loved it, and I love it, too.

message 2: by Chad (new)

Chad Bearden I actually read this to my nephew this summer!

I even loved it when I was really little, back when all the other kids were just developing their visual-spatial skills!

message 3: by Cornmaven (new)

Cornmaven It's funny how just one little book can be burned into people's memories.

My favorite book when I was little was "Just For Fun" by Patricia Scarry (Richard Scarry's husband). Scarry illustrated it. It got passed around throughout the family for generations and it landed back in my lap several years ago, tattered and the spine shored up with masking tape.

It's out of print, but I think it's a wonderful book about imagination and creativity, obviously pre-computer/video game days. I remember spending hours with it, probably because I am not creative.

I am thinking of putting it in a display case!

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