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message 1: by C.interruptus (new)

C.interruptus Same here. Only I haven't re-read it as an adult because I know all those issues that went straight over my head as a kid will now make me cringe. Or puke. I sure did love it to pieces back then though.

message 2: by Kent (new)

Kent The serfs stay there because the are PAID..remember? A few years under contract on Proton could set you up for life in the rest of the universe.

message 3: by Jeremy (new)

Jeremy Preacher Yeah, but staying on Proton is set up to be such a spectacular thing that people will enter the Tourney for just a chance at another year or two - the top prize is citizenship, sure, but the second prize is getting to be a naked slave for the rest of your life.

message 4: by Kent (new)

Kent I don't remember anything but the tourney begining about winning citizenship. And you're paid spectacularly for being a "serf." Second prize being a slave for the rest of your life? I'm sorry I'm not remembering that.

message 5: by Jeremy (new)

Jeremy Preacher Yeah, Life tenure is the second prize. Third prize is twenty years' tenure.

message 6: by Joey (new)

Joey V. I just finished the first two books, and my sentiments pretty much echo yours. And the fact that The Game is Stile's reasoning for never leaving Proton, despite the fact that any Citizen, for any reason (or for no reason) could have him murdered/raped/tortured...but hey! Free competitive amusement park rides! just doesn't hold up when you look at it.

I hadn't gotten to the final round yet, so I didn't know that lifetime "tenure" was the second place trophy, but yeah, they make it clear on more than one occasion that Citizenship is the Grand Prize, and 20 years of servitude (assuming you can find someone who wants to hire you for that long) is one of the runners-up.

message 7: by Rianne (new)

Rianne Plattner Actually, he does mention a class of criminal serfs that live on proton. I whole heartedly agree about his annoying views on women though. every. single. woman. even the old hag, yellow adept, turns out to have that perfect sex appeal AND they're all just so turned on by stile. Ugh. But whatever, it's a fun read.

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