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message 1: by King Haddock (new)

King Haddock You found this book predictable? I did not... what did you not expect that occurred within the novel?

message 2: by Bibiana (new)

Bibiana You mistaken me... Did you not notice the word 'Unpredictable' on the second paragraph?

message 3: by King Haddock (new)

King Haddock Wow, sorry, I meant to say unpredictable. I was the one who found the book very predictable. Anyway... what did you find unexpected?

message 4: by Bibiana (new)

Bibiana LOL. Heh, its okay.
I didn't expect the author to think up of the complex relationship between Eragon/Brom etc.

message 5: by King Haddock (new)

King Haddock Haha, yeah, I probably should have read my statement before sending it. Go me.

I actually somewhat expected that incident, being that Paolini was so keen on talking about that subject... hence the name of the series and all.

Awesome, I was just curious, since I thought some other events in the book were rather predictable, such as all Eragon's duties he fulfilled.

message 6: by Bibiana (new)

Bibiana Yes, perhaps. I didn't think about the title much, haha, thanks. 8D

Like almost every other book that I've read, it was expected that Eragon was to fulfill his duties after all. I'm quite a sucker for happy endings. :/

message 7: by King Haddock (new)

King Haddock Haha, that's awesome. Yeah, it's safe to say everyone was expecting for those promises to be upheld. It was very exciting to finally see Paolini get another book out, but I found it even slower than its predecessors and wonder why he split the last book into two novels. I mean, were some of the things he elaborated on really completely necessary for the series?

I really need to check and see when the fourth book's going to come out... it's totally going to be a bang, I'm sure... I think I've predicted the ending and I don't know if it's going to be quite so happy as we'd both like. What do you think?

message 8: by KareBare (new)

KareBare I must say I was somewhat dissapointed when I got to the end of Brisingr and realized I have to wait for another book. Don't misunderstand me, I love to read a good series as much as the next person, but I was so looking forward to knowing how it ended. Now I can't wait for the next book!

As far as the Eragon/Brom relationship... I guess I'm weird, but I totally expected that from early on in Eragon. I was more shocked when I thought I was wrong -lol-

message 9: by Bibiana (new)

Bibiana KareBare wrote: "I must say I was somewhat dissapointed when I got to the end of Brisingr and realized I have to wait for another book. Don't misunderstand me, I love to read a good series as much as the next perso..."

Lol yeah, I really thought it was a bit too long though. Some scenes were quite unnecessary, so perhaps if the author had cut that out, he could have completed the story in Brisingr?

message 10: by King Haddock (new)

King Haddock Agreed - he should have kept to three books in the series. And KareBare, you're so right concerning the Eragon/Brom relationship. The whole Morzan's son thing was a bit more interesting and I wish Paolini wouldn't have gone over his head trying to describe Eragon's past - it's cool, but aren't we more interested in what's going on now?

message 11: by Peanut (new)

Peanut Zarakoda and Viviane, you might as well meet. you practically had a whole conversation about this book. This is a good book

message 12: by Peanut (new)

Peanut Viviane means Bibiana, auto change. Uhh!

message 13: by Laiba (new)

Laiba Very right.. i was so backed off bcz of movie but when i started reading it, it was awesome

message 14: by John (new)

John Stanfield Finally someone who actually has a positive review. I really like that you are the only person who I could find that thinks the book was unpredictable, and I totally agree with you! I totally didn't expect Brom to be Eragon's father. I was reading some of the other comments and someone mentioned that they had suspected it from the very beginning, and that i can kind of understand, but when it was said that Morzan was Eragon's father it totally blinded me to the fact that maybe Brom was his real dad. Any way, the was another unexpected part to the book, and that would be Oromis and Glaedr's exodus from Du Weldenvarden to fight Galbatorix's armies. When they were killed, it really amazed me. They were just brouught into the books as such powerful characters and I never thought that they would die.

message 15: by Joe (new)

Joe Lundy Nice review of a good book, however, I didn't think the book was all that surprising except for of course Brom being Eragon's dad (WHAT?!), but I wouldn't go as far as to say the entire book was unpredictable. Other than that, I agree with you completely and I can't wait for the fourth and final book and I will of course be there with you when the Varden comes in final victory!

message 16: by Orinthia (new)

Orinthia If I had to compress the book into one word it would be ""awesome"""

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