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message 1: by Micheline (new)

Micheline Brilliant review. I won't list all the points I agree with you on, cause it's pretty much the whole review. I will say I'm with you especially on Harry's anger, his newfound leadership role and Umbridge omnipresence (lol).

Oh and I too initially felt this book to be flawed in some way, but upon this current re-read I have a whole new appreciation for it's every plot twist. Rowling is sheer genius!

message 2: by Nicole (new)

Nicole Thanks for the feedback! :)

~☆~Autumn♥♥☽ I agree with you that he certainly has the right to be angry. Someone else should have invited him for the summer and I am surprised that no one did.

message 4: by Nicole (new)

Nicole Good point, Autumn.

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