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message 1: by Nancy (new)

Nancy Hi Anh --

You just finished a condensed version of one of the classics of all time. Oliver Twist is a fine novel and a story that I love as well. I can't imagine what the literary world would be like without the contributions of Charles Dickens.

See you in class!

Grade: check

-- Nancy

message 2: by Anh (new)

Anh Mai When I was a student in middle high school, I had to study Oliver Twist in literature subject. My teacher used to ask the students to read the book carefully and give the opinion about the book, but I didn't because I think a story which is about an orphan has a difficult life is not interesting, thus I skipped it. Until 2 week ago, my friend suggested me to choose Oliver Twist and be patient to read it. In the beginning of the book, I really want to throw away and choose another book. But my friend encourage me, unfortunately, I know I was wrong if I didn't finish the book. It's a wonderful book and I really like it.

message 3: by Nancy (new)

Nancy Hi again Anh,

I'm so pleased to learn of your re-estimation and your new-found appreciation of OLIVER TWIST. It is truely a timeless story. I just wish that each and every orphan had at least some of Oliver's fortune.

See you in class this afternoon!


message 4: by Nancy (new)

Nancy Hi Anh,

I'm not sure why I received another email, saying that you had another posted comment for me to read. I don't see any, so I'll just respond with this brief note.

See you in class!


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