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message 1: by King Haddock (new)

King Haddock Nice review. And interesting bookshelves.

message 2: by Kogiopsis (new)

Kogiopsis I went through and renamed all my bookshelves to reorganize.
I happen to be quite proud of them, thank you.

message 3: by Kat Kennedy (new)

Kat Kennedy I did love Twilight - there is something addicting about it. But now I've found so, so many other series that are infinitely better that I find it hard to understand the mania now. I keep thinking, "But wait, have you read...? Yes, I know Edward Cullen is hawt but what about... from the.... series? Yes, that's nice. No, I didn't see you drool, so it's okay. Listen, take this book and go read. What? No, no it's not Twilight... no it's got nothing to do with vampires but it's still paranormal! Just trust me okay?!"

Then suddenly eyes are opened and it's rather magical...

message 4: by King Haddock (new)

King Haddock I remember when you loved the series, Anila. Haha, Kat, I understand you completely. As for myself, I have not read the series, though I plan to in order to make fun of the books.

message 5: by Kogiopsis (new)

Kogiopsis Trust me, Z, I remember too.

Twilight is a Twinkie of a story, frankly- bad for you in the long run, but for the meantime it tastes oh so good. I totally understand what you mean about the addicting quality- I did flip right back to the first page after finishing it for the first time and start reading it again. But as mentioned in my review, it's the fanbase that gets to me. And the movies- the books would have made fine movies, if they hadn't gone all messing around with them.

Personally, Kat, I'm impressed with your perseverence in the paranormal genre. I'm getting a little fed up with it, to be honest; there's not enough variation.

message 6: by King Haddock (new)

King Haddock Love your analogy, Anila. XD
Fanbases can be annoying... I remember being annoyed at Trekkies when I was young. * whistles innocently * Though for my young mind most of the problem was that it wasn't Star WARS, which I was introduced to first, so I wasn't interested in Trek.

I guess we can find gems anywhere... though seriously isn't everything being published pretty much the same thing over and over and over and over again? Anyone read anything particularly NEW recently?

message 7: by Kat Kennedy (new)

Kat Kennedy Anila, there are many, many things about the Paranormal romance genre that I am more than tired of. Teenage heroines who are TSTL, obsessive stalker immortal male protagonists, THE LOVE TRIANGLE (Some one put me out of my misery, I can't TAKE it anymore!)

But there are some books that I have really enjoyed like Bitten by Kelley Armstrong and the Fever Series by Karen Marie Moning so I just keep looking for more gems like them!

Zarakoda you crack me up! I grew up in a household where it was always talk of "klingons doing this" and "Captain Kirk said this" and "Warp 3!" I could have put a bullet to my freakin' brain!

Fanbase is annoying. In my little group of PNR lovers, we're not allowed to have Team Edwards or Team Jacobs or Team Stefans or Team Eric or whatever literary boyfriend they're currently interested in. It's just Team h00r - that way there's no discussion about who is better. Why argue when you just claim that you can choose them all?

message 8: by King Haddock (new)

King Haddock I could agree with you on all those accounts, Kat.

Well, now I AM a Trekkie so you better watch out...

That's a good way to put it. Another way to do it is to be a quirky one-person fan club. You don't see many people screaming at the top of their lungs, "PLATO ALL THE WAY!"

message 9: by Kat Kennedy (new)

Kat Kennedy Zarakoda, I seriously just laughed so hard. That's it, I'm forming a Team Plato fan club!

I will respect your Trekker-ness! Since I have an unhealthy obsession with PNR, as Anila pointed out, I can't really go casting stones now can I! But if you start signing out with "Live long and prosper" then we may have issues...

message 10: by Kogiopsis (new)

Kogiopsis Um, Kat... actually, she does do that.
ALL THE TIME. When she's not saying 'Adios' just to annoy me. (Seriously, Spanish has to have something comprable to 'Au revoir'.)

The way I figure, it's a good thing that you read so much PNR. I can use your reviews as a kind of filter. :D

Anything particularly NEW? No, sadly, but I'll keep an eye out.

message 11: by Kat Kennedy (new)

Kat Kennedy Oh noes! You don't, do you, Zarakoda?

Anila - lol, as long as my sanity survives I guess that's a good thing!

message 12: by King Haddock (last edited May 23, 2010 08:52AM) (new)

King Haddock Hey, I'm already on Team Plato. And Pythagoras, for that manner. Absolutely <3 those guys.

I signed all my yearbooks this year with "Live long and prosper" (even those who have no clue what it means). I'm nicknamed "Spock" for a reason, okay? XD

And Anila, you watch it about the Spanish! You dive into the French JUST as often (though maybe in response to my Spanish... um).

Hey, I've picked up a book called "Hood" that's pretty decent at the moment. Yeah, yeah, just another Robin Hood story, but so far written distinctly enough it's quite refreshing from the other fiction I've been touching for like the past, erm, year.

message 13: by Kogiopsis (new)

Kogiopsis JE NE LE FAIS PAS! You are far, far, far worse than I am about foreign languages, and you know it. I resist the urge.

Hmm. I'd go look it up, but I've got a lot of stuff to read at the moment.

Kat- Very good thing. :D

message 14: by King Haddock (new)

King Haddock You cut it preeeettty close then.

I have more than enough to read at the moment, as well.

Sanity? Sanity's way overrated. ;)

message 15: by Kogiopsis (new)

Kogiopsis Not really, actually.

But if she wasn't sane, I couldn't trust her reviews as a PNR filter. And that would be bad, because I'd miss out on good books.

message 16: by King Haddock (new)

King Haddock Well, I'm not sure I'm entirely sane... yet you trust me (if not with the same tasks). ;)

message 17: by Kogiopsis (new)

Kogiopsis You've been not entirely sane the whole time I've known you, though. I've gotten used to your kinda-patterns of behavior.

message 18: by Kat Kennedy (new)

Kat Kennedy I can't keep up with you two!

message 19: by King Haddock (new)

King Haddock You're TRYING to keep up with us? * disappointed shake of the head * Methinks you'd realize by now it is quite an impossible task...

I gather you figured out I was not entirely sane the first second you say me, aye? Meh, I know the answer's "yes." Kinda-patterns... teehee, I still surprise you from time to time, though.

Wow, what book are we under? We are so not talking about it.

message 20: by Kogiopsis (new)

Kogiopsis Well... you had that MathCounts shirt on... so yeah.

Hah, Kat, s'okay. We do this all the time.

We're supposedly talking about Twilight. See, up in the top of your screen, where it says 'Twilight'?

message 21: by King Haddock (new)

King Haddock It was a Christian-LOTR shirt.

Yup, 'cause this is completely related to Twilight. Though if I say "sparkles" randomly in here, is that close enough?

message 22: by Kogiopsis (new)

Kogiopsis YOU HAVE LIED TO ME IN THE PAST, if that's true. We agreed some time ago it was the MathCounts. But I remember that shirt as well.

'Sparklepire' or 'carven chest gleaming in the sunlight' is better. Though here, I'll put us back on topic:


message 23: by King Haddock (new)

King Haddock WOW Anila, you have absolutely awful memory! You started out your accounts, "LOTR shirt," then switched to "either MathCounts or LOTR," and NOW you say it's "definitely" MathCounts? Something very, very, very, very, very wrong with your memory of late... I bought the LOTR shirt specifically for the first day of school. There has been no lying involved or any change of information on my part.

* does not know what this marble whatnot is *

message 24: by Kogiopsis (new)

Kogiopsis Confuzzled now. Very confuzzled. And I'm positive that you agreed it was the MathCounts shirt.
Whatever. Either of them achieve the relevant purpose.

One of Smeyer's favorite descriptors for Edward.

message 25: by King Haddock (new)

King Haddock You're positively delusional.


message 26: by Kogiopsis (new)

Kogiopsis Eh, sure.

And yes. Very much yes.

message 27: by King Haddock (new)

King Haddock DEFINITELY needs to read now.

message 28: by Kogiopsis (new)

Kogiopsis S'up to you, I suppose.

message 29: by King Haddock (new)

King Haddock To make fun of it - it's a must!

message 30: by Kogiopsis (new)

Kogiopsis You've got all summer (and no homework grumblegrumble) so get to it!

message 31: by King Haddock (new)

King Haddock Hahaha, along with the other thousands of books I plan to read... and instruments to play... etc. XD

message 32: by Kogiopsis (new)

Kogiopsis Trust me, it won't take you that long. They're super quick reads, all four.

message 33: by King Haddock (new)

King Haddock The enormous size of the font creates that assumption, so not surprised.

message 34: by Kogiopsis (new)

Kogiopsis So why are you still here and not reading it?

message 35: by King Haddock (new)

King Haddock Because I grabbed lots of other books from the library for the recommending reading list for next year's English class, and those looked more interesting.

message 36: by Kogiopsis (new)

Kogiopsis Feh. I want to hear what you have to say about this.

message 37: by King Haddock (new)

King Haddock I know you do. Don't worry, it WILL be read this summer.

message 38: by Kogiopsis (new)

Kogiopsis 'S good enough, I guess...

message 39: by King Haddock (new)

King Haddock It better be for you.

message 40: by Kogiopsis (new)

Kogiopsis I hardly have a choice, do I?

message 41: by King Haddock (new)

King Haddock Ummm... if you DID have a choice I would be REEEAAAALLY creeped out at the moment. Of course, if you had a choice, you probably wouldn't tell me about this form of mind control. Or whatever sci-fi-ness you want to make it.

message 42: by Kogiopsis (new)

Kogiopsis Ooooeeeeeooooo~
* evil grin *

message 43: by King Haddock (new)

King Haddock Lovely sound effects.
Hmm... my Muses are starting to play tricks with me... blighted world.

message 44: by Kogiopsis (new)

Kogiopsis Triggering your Muses amuses me. (Funny how those words are related...)

message 45: by King Haddock (new)

King Haddock I know. I can never hear the word "amuse" without thinking of my Muses. At the moment, Evlalyia's pouring out some pretty kick-butt poetry. So I should be... somewhat... safe. You never know, though. With five crazy Muses...

message 46: by Kogiopsis (new)

Kogiopsis Bah, poetry shall prevail!

message 47: by King Haddock (new)

King Haddock But that's, unfortunately, only my descriptive/eloquent Muse working... the other free are open. O.o

message 48: by Kogiopsis (new)

Kogiopsis But I still say that poetry shall prevail.

message 49: by King Haddock (new)

King Haddock Sounds good. I'm really likin' these latest poems, too.

message 50: by Kogiopsis (new)

Kogiopsis Awesome possum.

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