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message 1: by Jon (last edited Jan 22, 2009 11:03AM) (new)

Jon I will write this week's reviews, including the one for this book, on Sunday. Too much going on today and tomorrow.

I've posted this book to my BookMooch inventory ( and reserved for my BookMooch friends for seven (7) days. There are over 40 people on the wishlist/waiting list for this novel on BookMooch, so I didn't want to keep it reserved for too long.

Happy mooching!

Was mooched 12/12/2008

message 2: by Brad (new)

Brad Your connection to Ender as a gifted child was particularly insightful, Jon. Glad you liked the book.

message 3: by Den (new)

Den I know what you mean about the ending, I just finished it about 15 minutes ago and I still feel a little depressed. I love it when books can make me feel emotional though. :)

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