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message 1: by Dee (new)

Dee I totally agree! It sort of felt like it was saying "okay, take everything I have until I am nothing." When it got to the part where the tree was just a stump, and the kid could still sit on it, I just wanted to smack that kid. And I am generally not like that. I kind of made me mad. How about a little respect for the tree as a living thing?

Okay, stepping off the soap box.

message 2: by Kevin (new)

Kevin O'Keeffe Did you people all read the same book ie., the one that taught you to use the term "boundaries" in nearly every negative review of this (terrible, awful) book? I don't disagree per just seeems very odd that so many of you feel the need to express your revulsion for it using the precise same word. Almost as if I've stumbled onto a meeting of some peculiar psychotherapeutic cult.

message 3: by Kevin (new)

Kevin O'Keeffe Yes, talking like Phil Donahue, and getting all defensive when someone gently inquires about it, just screams "[a] critical thinker with emotional maturity."

I still have no idea what "boundaries" is supposed to mean, but thanks for getting mad at me for asking, I guess.

message 4: by Crista (new)

Crista I'm sorry about that. It wasn't meant to be an attack, looking back on what I wrote it does come across as a little flippant and rude.

I think (from what I gather from the reviews) the way boundaries is being used makes sense, since without setting clear boundaries with the boy the tree is devoured by expectations and requests from the boy in the story.

message 5: by Crista (new)

Crista And Phil Donahue was/is awesome, so thank you I guess : )

Plus everyone makes mistakes, and you can't write people off as being just defensive or reactionary- otherwise we would all have been disregarded by each other in life long ago.

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