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message 1: by Kristen (new)

Kristen I hope you like this book. I really want to read it and am hoping it's good. I'll be looking for your review.

message 2: by Leslie (new)

Leslie EVERYBODY is reading this one! It's like the book's gone VIRAL!! ;)

message 3: by Karla (new)

Karla Thanks for the heads up's good to go into an emotional book prepared.

message 4: by ~ Becs ~ (new)

~ Becs ~ Lovely - this book is starting generate a bit of a buzz here on Goodreads. It's on the TBR mountain.

message 5: by Kristen (new)

Kristen I'm so reading this book. Have you started the sequel? I hear it fantastic and gives the reader a "dreamy sigh happy feeling" at the end. Now that's my kind of book!

message 6: by Searock (last edited Apr 12, 2012 02:34PM) (new)

Searock Kristen, I wasn't sure I wanted to go through it a second time from another pov. It is a really good book though, so maybe when I have my bearings again, I'll pick it up.
I dont mean to leave anyone with the impression that it is too emotional or wrenching, it's just not easy. The payoff along the way is great and at the end.
There's a bit of an epilogue as well. Bonus :)

message 7: by Kristen (new)

Kristen I get you. I look at things a lot the same way!

message 8: by Searock (new)

Searock I've noticed that about you, Kristen ;)

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