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message 1: by Ian (new)

Ian Agadada-Davida Great review, Jonathan. I like how you appreciated the novel, despite major differences of viewpoint. It takes a generous spirit to do this.

message 2: by Jonathan (new)

Jonathan I feel that all people are entitled to an opinion. I also try and remember that my viewpoint has arisen due to my childhood and life and that others may have had differing experiences. I will also read The Northern Lights in the future despite my views clashing with Phillip Pullman's due to the fact that I believe a good story both represents its author and stands apart from him. If that in any degree makes sense.

message 3: by Ian (new)

Ian Agadada-Davida Your views might differ from mine as well, but that will just keep me on my toes.

message 4: by Jonathan (new)

Jonathan I welcome any criticism or comments. I very much build and strengthen my own beliefs not by depending on the kindness of strangers but rather by hearing other opinions. I like to think of it in analogies such as you need pain and conflict to develop strength. In the same way as I hear other opinions it forces me to re-affirm and grow my convictions on issues and so forth.

Travelling Sunny I want to read this book simply because, yes, I was a young adult in the 80s and yes, I spent every quarter I had playing Ms. Pac-Man and Super Mario Brothers at the arcade, and yes, I listened to Duran Duran, and it was, like, totally far-out.

message 6: by Jonathan (new)

Jonathan I think in that case Sunny you would love it. This book made me see all those excellent parts of the 80s that I missed out on being born in the late 90s - although if I can I do play some of those old games like pacman.

message 7: by Matthew (new)

Matthew Great review Johnathan! I saw this in a local bookstore window and was intrigued. Particularly as I am the target market, having just turned 40, I grew up in the golden age of video games.

message 8: by Momentai (new)

Momentai Even though I myself am agnostic, I did find the passage on God to be out of nowhere and shoehorned into the text. I have about a hundred pages left to read and it is a pretty good first novel. I do feel like for the most part part that the book is a dressing for an amazing history lesson in all things "nerdy" from the eighties. Still, I am enjoying it.

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