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message 1: by Chandler (new)

Chandler Smith Can't wait to read your review! Prisoner of Azkaban is by far my favorite and adds so much the movies missed.

message 2: by Penelope (new)

Penelope I agree! It's my favorite so far. I just love everything it added, all the things that were revealed about Harry's past, etc. It should be up soon. :)

¤Leila | The Fiction Pixie¤ Up until I read The Half Blood Prince, this was undoubtedly my favorite book, I read it 9 times :) #obsessed lol

message 4: by Penelope (new)

Penelope Good to hear! I can't wait to get to Half Blood Prince. It's my sister's favorite book as well, and I've heard good things about it. :)

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