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message 1: by [deleted user] (new)

We both liked this one, too!

message 2: by Chrissie (new)

Chrissie Oh, you are making me laugh...... I am glad you have found these. This knowledge feels really good.

message 3: by [deleted user] (new)

I just went in and compared books with you! I picked the ones we both gave 4 or 5 stars to. :D

message 4: by Chrissie (new)

Chrissie I never think of stuff like that.

message 5: by [deleted user] (new)

I am "liking" your reviews of books we both liked. I took my curiosity over our differences and turned it into finding out what we both enjoy.

message 6: by Chrissie (new)

Chrissie I can in fact feel what kind of book will appeal to both of us.

message 7: by [deleted user] (new)

Well, now, no trepidation in reading Rules of Civility one of these days.

message 8: by Chrissie (new)

Chrissie I know, I was thinking of reading this immediately but I couldn't bear to try it right after North and South. Soon, very soon. I hope I am not upset with the cocktail crowd or with the people set upon one goal, financial success. These things get me annoyed. I do not demand that others think as I do, but I also know what I personally like and dislike.

message 9: by Wendy (new)

Wendy I really liked this one too! And if/when you do read Rules of Civility I hope you enjoy it!

message 10: by Chrissie (new)

Chrissie Wendy, I will definitely read it soon. I have it on my Ipod. :0)

Now I am very much enjoying Empires of Sand. This is the historical fiction I like. I think I even prefer the European continent over England. I kind of have this attachment for all that is French? Now the Prussians under Bismarck are attacking the French. It is 1870. Lots of exciting events and many different issues - kids and adults and armies and deserts and parties and boars. i have only listened to four long chapters! I have this need to share good books with others as I read them!

message 11: by Jan (new)

Jan I absolutely adored this book. It was the kind of book where the characters moved in with me while I read it. I couldn't wait to "see" them again! Plus - I learned a lot about the German Occupation of the area that I didn't know. Loved this book and recommend it to so many!

message 12: by Chrissie (new)

Chrissie Jan, that is exactly how I felt. I love books where you really feel the characters are your friends AND where you learn!

message 13: by Barbara (new)

Barbara Chrissie, I thoroughly enjoyed this book. At first, I did not think I would! It sparked an interest for me, so I read more about Guernsey. I found out later that my sister-in-law has relatives there!

message 14: by Chrissie (new)

Chrissie Barbara, that is so wonderful when a book kind of makes changes in your life! I really loved the book. I remember reading it in Brittany.

message 15: by Maudie (new)

Maudie I agree, Chrissie! Read this book almost two years ago now and could not put it down. Sadly, Mary Ann Shaffer's health began to decline during the writing and the book was finished with the help of her neice, Annie Barrows. They made a lovely team, but Mary Ann did not survive to fully enjoy the success of her novel. If I remember correctly, a long held dream of hers had been to write a book someone would want to publish. My, how she succeeded!

message 16: by Chrissie (new)

Chrissie Thank you for telling me. i didn't know that about her health. I usually dislike reading epistolary novels. This book proves there is an exception to every rule!

message 17: by Barbara (new)

Barbara The facts about Shaffer's health were in the book. Don't they give you such info in Kindle?

message 18: by Chrissie (last edited Oct 03, 2012 07:15AM) (new)

Chrissie I have either forgotten or they were lacking in the kindle version. I did not read this book recently.

message 19: by Barbara (new)

Barbara I was wondering if Kindle generally includes acknowledgements and the like.

message 20: by [deleted user] (new)

It's my fault that this popped back up in the discussion threads! :D

message 21: by Chrissie (new)

Chrissie Barbara, sometimes yes, sometimes no! It all depends.

Jeanette, I absolutely am loving Rules of Civility. have your read this, Barbara?
the scene in Bendel's. I loved it.

message 22: by Barbara (new)

Barbara No, I haven't read it.

message 23: by Chrissie (new)

Chrissie Barbara, if you at all like NYC you will love Rules of Civility. I love how art and artists and literature are thrown in on every page. But let me finish it first....

message 24: by Susan (new)

Susan This is my next to-read book.

message 25: by Chrissie (new)

Chrissie Susan, it is fun when you know the book ahead of you will be good! Enjoy.

message 26: by Susan (new)

Susan I'll let you know what I think of it when I'm done :)
Thanks for the review.

message 27: by Chrissie (new)

Chrissie You are welcome!

message 28: by Jan (new)

Jan Looks like I need to put Rules of Civility on my "want to read" shelf!!

message 29: by Chrissie (new)

Chrissie I never thought I would love RoC, and it was super. Do add it! It helps to like NYC.

message 30: by Susan (new)

Susan Just finished it and you were right. It is amazing. I'm sad that the author died and doesn't have any more books.

message 31: by Chrissie (new)

Chrissie Susan, but there are few authors that can do repeat performances! I am glad you enjoyed it as much as I did. One gets always a little bit nervous because people just do not always react in the same way.

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