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message 1: by Teresa (new)

Teresa Lukey Anxiously awaiting your review. I just ordered this one on audiobook, but it'll be another month 'til I get it.

message 2: by karen (new)

karen you want the ARC?

message 3: by s.penkevich (new)

s.penkevich I want to read this so we can talk about it ha. This sounds great.

message 4: by Moondust (new)

Moondust karen wrote: "you want the ARC?"

Ooh ooh! I want the ARC?! :O

message 5: by Moondust (new)

Moondust Uh- this was meant to go before the previous msg! Ooh 1914, stranded, lifeboat. Interesting choice of setting etc etc. It sounds like a brilliant read! :O

message 6: by karen (new)

karen well, tommy gets the ARc. what happens to it afterward is anybody's guess.

message 7: by Claire (new)

Claire wow this sounds awesome!

message 8: by karen (new)

karen i want to read more by her. hurry up and write, please!

Whispers from the Pirate's Ghost Whisper Oscar Winning Alfred Hitchcock?

(The movie, not the book)

message 10: by karen (new)

karen did that win the oscar? not bad, steinbeck....

Whispers from the Pirate's Ghost Whisper I'm not sure about the Oscar, but is noteworthy Hitchcock. He had to be tricky with his cameo in this one (Hitchcock always appears in his films.) In this one, his photo was on the front page of a newspaper one of the castaways was reading in one of the scenes.

And the Hitchock statement goes with the photo. I don't know if this was the root story for the film.

message 12: by karen (new)

karen yes! that was the best cameo i have seen because how else do you manage it in a movie like this? very cool.

Whispers from the Pirate's Ghost Whisper His Cameos are always entertaining. I'm glad Stan Lee (Marvel Comics) is keeping the tradition alive in the Super Hero Movies.

The Picture Cameo was great. And I think it was the birds, where he walks out, sees the birds turns around and walks back inside the building he just came out of. It's hard to describe humor, but if you saw that, you'd laugh. Hitchock had a great sense of humor.

message 14: by karen (new)

karen and he knew the truth about birds before anyone else had the nerve to share it with the world. biiirrrrrddss!

message 15: by Arah-Lynda (new)

Arah-Lynda Great Review....and my TBR grows and grows.

Elizabeth La Lettrice Oh oh this looks gooood!!

message 17: by Mary (new)

Mary This sounds very good - definitely going on my list. I love books that when near the end you want to go back to the beginning and read it all again before it ends.

message 18: by Sue (new)

Sue Davis Great photo, great review. I'm glad to be warned about the unreliability of the narrator.

message 19: by Elizabeth La Lettrice (last edited May 22, 2012 08:58AM) (new)

Elizabeth La Lettrice Oh man. I just wrote my review of this book and used the same "Real World" quote. A couple of hours later, I am having an epiphany while rereading it and wondering why I was thinking of that "quote." And now I know why. :(

I'm saddened. I subconsciously stole it and now I can't take it back. I feel like such a dummy.

message 20: by karen (new)

karen haahah!!! i don't mind!!

Elizabeth La Lettrice I made an edit! I knew I couldn't have written something remotely funny/witty/relevant? that early in the morning without some outside influence!

message 22: by karen (new)

karen ppbblltt!

message 23: by Lori (new)

Lori Anaple I loved loved loved this book! She was so nowhere near as passive as people thought.

message 24: by karen (new)

karen indeed...

message 25: by Ali (new)

Ali I like reading your review so much better than reading this book.

message 26: by karen (new)

karen oh no - hhaahahhaaaaa

message 27: by Ali (new)

Ali Well, that's a compliment to you!
I just felt the book was boring and lacked action and character development. But we all have different taste, and I'm glad others enjoyed it!

message 28: by karen (new)

karen yeah, it is definitely not an action-packed book. i'm glad you liked the review, at least!

Elizabeth La Lettrice The following just landed on my desk:

The Raft

...a YA survival story?! Looks like it's right up your alley.

Plus, they have Skittles. 2 people on a boat with just a bag of Skittles. You know what that means, right?.... Food fight.

message 30: by karen (new)

karen hahahaahaha yes!!! skittles are pretty good end-of-world food.

i have been waiting for that one to come out,actually - tell me if it is good...

Elizabeth La Lettrice As long as bosslady doesn't need it, you can have it when I'm done. It looks quick and short (and I only say that because I already assumed you are a speedreader but me, not so much...). :)

message 32: by karen (new)

karen yayyy!! that would be great!! otherwise, i can just borrow it from work when it comes out...

message 33: by Judith (new)

Judith Great picture! What a nice addition to your review.

message 34: by Katbyrdie (new)

Katbyrdie best introduction to a review. gods, I love you.

message 35: by Laura (new)

Laura Carling Titanic. We all know how it ends. Bored me to death. Can't even finish it.

message 36: by karen (new)

karen Katbyrdie wrote: "best introduction to a review. gods, I love you."

i never got this update! hooray!

but sorry laura didn't like it...

message 37: by Arah-Lynda (new)

Arah-Lynda Hello karen, just stopped by once again to say thank you. This was a superb read.

message 38: by karen (new)

karen yes!! i'm so glad you liked it!

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