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Heather Hi Jen,

We are trying to get Tara's book, Inbetween, into the top 100 on Amazon. We need at least 30 reviews on Amazon and have 8 right now. If you could post your review love when you post on The Starry-Eyed Revue as well, I'd greatly appreciate it.

The link to her book is

Thanks so much for all that you do!

~ Heather Riccio, Senior Publicist

Jen (The Starry-Eyed Revue) Heather -- I just posted my review to both Amazon & B&N. Thanks for having me on the tour!

message 3: by Heather (new)

Heather Thanks so much and you're very welcome! :D

message 4: by ♥Rachel♥ (new)

♥Rachel♥ I things definitely picked up in the second half too, Jen. Great review. :)

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