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message 1: by Kate (new)

Kate i had to read this this year for 7th grade. it gave me nightmares, but i couldn't put it down! it was incredible!

message 2: by J.P. (new)

J.P. Choquette I like the moral you added. This is one that I read years ago and have just downloaded to enjoy again. Luckily, my memory is not so good that I remember who dunnit--so it will be like reading it fresh!

message 3: by Ulises (new)

Ulises Thanks for the review. It encouraged me to read it.

message 4: by Ulises (new)

Ulises Also, thanks for the book recommendations

message 5: by Wyatt (new)

Wyatt Thompson I got the same feeling about this book, this was one of Christi's books. I felt like the suspect was almost too obvious that you still didn't see it coming. The way Christie set the mood in the book you could expect the storm and the loss of power to trap the guests on the island. Murphy's law was on the side of the killer. After reading I wonder if there was a way for any of the guests to break the rhyme and catch the killer. They did see the Rhyme, why not try to follow it and avoid all of the clues in it? I also thought it was like The Sixth Sense, you almost could say the ending, but you needed to know who did it. Overall this was a great book and i too recommend it.

message 6: by Rayland (new)

Rayland Mcintyre Multiple times throughout the book I was trying my absolute best to find the killer. When I thought I had a lead, that person was soon murdered. I truly had no idea who it was until there were none. I tried reading it a second time, but each word I read I was saying to myself: "I know the killer, I can't be fooled again". So I agree with you because the second time doesn't have the same feel as the first. I enjoyed your moral, but I think it could be judgment can kill you. The most suspenseful parts of the book was when someone was unexpectedly killed.

message 7: by Huajun (new)

Huajun Li I found it interesting the first but I'm definitely not going to read it twice. I agree with you.

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