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message 1: by Wendy (new)

Wendy I'm still trying to wrap my mind around this book after reading the book yesterday. Your comments have helped me to see things differently. Thanks.

message 2: by Nick (new)

Nick Thank you for an excellent review! I agree on almost all accounts. Those who criticize this book should read this review.

message 3: by Janice(JG) (new)

Janice(JG) George I was going to write a review for this book, but then I read yours and realized I really had nothing more to add... you've said what needed saying. Do I believe there was a tiger? Yes I do -- for Pi, there was a tiger, and now there is one for me.

message 4: by Maroniae (new)

Maroniae A very insightful review of the intent of the book!

message 5: by Katy (new)

Katy Thank you for articulating what I thought about this book. I am trying to get my husband to take me to see the film, but when he asks what it's about, I can't explain it :)

message 6: by Louise (new)

Louise Shore No need for me to add a review you said everything I wanted to! However, it'd never have read as well as yours. Thanks.

message 7: by Cjdt (new)

Cjdt Very good review. Finished the book yesterday, and love the perspective you've brought to it.

message 8: by Laura (new)

Laura This is probably one of the best reviews of a book I have ever read. You really got it spot on!

message 9: by Lali (new)

Lali There was not a part of your review in which I didn't agree. I'll be checking your other ones!

message 10: by Desiree (new)

Desiree Fantastic review...right on point!

message 11: by Catherine (new)

Catherine Nice job!

message 12: by Emma (new)

Emma C

message 13: by Crystol (new)

Crystol Very well said. This book gets better the deeper you examine it. Kinda like life. :-)

message 14: by Beth (new)

Beth Kiesel Pi believes, because in the beginning of the book he talks about how he doesn't understand why Richard Parker left him. right?

message 15: by Michelle (new)

Michelle This articulates what I thought! Great review!

message 16: by Alan (new)

Alan Sheinwald I absoultely love this review. So respectful and thoughtful. Well done.

message 17: by Adil (new)

Adil Zafar Your review matches my understanding of the book well. Thank you.

message 18: by Mary (new)

Mary Sue Astonishing review. Thank you for taking the time to write this very insightful piece.

message 19: by Adam (new)

Adam Gottbetter Great review. I read this book years ago and your review has caused me to want to read it again. Adam Gottbetter

message 20: by Jennifer (new)

Jennifer Thank you. Great review. This is not just a book about a boy on a boat, as many reviewers posit. If you miss out on the faith/atheism/agnosticism aspects, the unlikely, yet lovelier versus likely, but brutal, you've missed the point. But the island....what is the island?

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