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message 1: by Andrey (new)

Andrey You have not read this yet???? Tsk Tsk Tsk.

Crystal Starr Light Andrey wrote: "You have not read this yet???? Tsk Tsk Tsk."

No, I haven't!! But I plan on rectifying that soon!

message 3: by Andrey (new)

Andrey I see. Enjoy!

Crystal Starr Light Andrey wrote: "I see. Enjoy!"

I'm reading it in honor of Banned Books week; I'm already enjoying it quite a bit!

message 5: by Devlin (new)

Devlin Scott It's a very good choice for Banned Books Week.

message 6: by Andrey (new)

Andrey Agreed. One of my middle school favorites.

message 7: by Jason (new)

Jason Stalides I almost read this one for my Banned Book week pick. I am not surprised you seem to be enjoying it so far.

Crystal Starr Light Jason wrote: "I almost read this one for my Banned Book week pick. I am not surprised you seem to be enjoying it so far."

Top notch world-building, great characters, fascinating story (and very ironic, given that this book is banned!). I'm shocked at how quickly I'm growing attached to Jonas and The Giver--this is such a tiny book, and yet in the mere 80 pages, I've grown ridiculously close to them!

message 9: by Andrey (new)

Andrey I told you you would love it!

message 10: by Jason (new)

Jason Stalides Man, two years goes by fast! Pretty crazy two years too (for me anyway).

Five stars from the uber-critical General Starr Light?!!

It'll either be awesome...or the I'll love it. I'm pretty sure I'll like this one though.

Can't even remember what my banned book was two years ago. Pretty sure I did Animal Farm last year.

Crystal Starr Light I can't even believe it myself! I coulda sworn it was just last year I read this!

You will like this; there's some fascinating character insights and poignant scenes.

message 12: by Jason (new)

Jason Stalides So Animal Farm was Two years ago. Last year was American Psycho! Didn't think it was possible to forget that. Although last year was a bit of a whirlwind.

Crystal Starr Light Last year for me was "Thirteen Reasons Why" (good for teens, but I didn't like it) and in 2011, it was a classic: "1984"!

message 14: by Jason (new)

Jason Stalides It seems our complete-opposite-opinion-about-books streak continues. I really wanted to love it...I just...didn't. :/

I thought it pretty boring, really. We really need a book to gush over together. That or you should just change your opinions and agree with mine ;P

Crystal Starr Light LOL!!

While I'm not going to say my opinion is wrong (because my opinion is NEVER wrong LOL), I will say that my thoughts about this may have been influenced by the heaps of shitty young adult "fauxtopias" I had read before this.

Which really makes a point: why you love a book is a MULTITUDE of reasons, things like your background, your feelings and thoughts of the moment, what you've been through, what you like to read, but also, what you most recently read and what you had not.

But it's SO WEIRD how our opinions on books seem to almost always be on the opposite spectrum. I think the only books we've agreed on were "Ready Player One", John Scalzi, and Neil Gaiman.

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