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message 1: by lianna (new)

lianna thanks for the review :)

message 2: by Blanca (new)

Blanca Good review! I have a question, what page is that quote from Harry? I can`t find it.

message 3: by lianna (new)

lianna 568-569 is the pages of the quote from Harry. :)

message 4: by Blanca (new)

Blanca Darkanddead wrote: "568-569 is the pages of the quote from Harry. :)"

Thank you. :]

message 5: by lianna (new)

lianna Blanca wrote: Thank you. :]"

You're welcome. :)

message 6: by Suzanne (new)

Suzanne Thanks so much for the compliments! :)

message 7: by Janeen-san (new)

Janeen-san Wow, that book review was REALLY GOOD! I love goodreads, I can find so many good book reviews of my favorite books! I loved Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows as well, and I did write a review, but it's not nearly as good as this one!

message 8: by Noa (new)

Noa I could hardly sleep Reading this book!! I really like your review!

message 9: by Sadie (new)

Sadie Brasel Wow if you can write a review that great you should be an author!!! :) I would definetly read your books but all of that is true Harry potter is by far my favorite book :)

message 10: by James (new)

James Excellent review. I was tired of the negatives I had heard about the book. I'm rereading this now in anticipation of the new film. Good job.

message 11: by Morgan (new)

Morgan I nearly cried when Fred died

message 12: by James (new)

James Morgan wrote: "I nearly cried when Fred died"


message 13: by Leah (new)

Leah nearly cried???i cried buckets

message 14: by Scarlet (new)

Scarlet Heavens I'll never forgive Rowling for killing Fred, Dobby, Tonks, Lupin, Dumbledore, Sirius, Snape.....

message 15: by Isabell (new)

Isabell Scarkett, this is a spoiler-free review, and I think it'd be fair if you didn't put spoilers in the comments.

message 16: by butter be scotch (new)

butter be scotch I like how you put it "true quest narrative"
Though my thoughts about the book is different, I liked your review anyway.

message 17: by Scarlet (new)

Scarlet Heavens Isabell wrote: "Scarkett, this is a spoiler-free review, and I think it'd be fair if you didn't put spoilers in the comments."

I am sorry, I didn't even realize it was spoiler-free, for I read other comments that had spoilers in them.

message 18: by Isabell (new)

Isabell Scarlet wrote: "I am sorry, I didn't even realize it was spoiler-free, for I read oth..."

I'm sorry I singled you out, your's was just the comment that showed.

message 19: by Scarlet (last edited Jun 19, 2011 05:55AM) (new)

Scarlet Heavens L. wrote: "Okay, this explains why I was able to read it again without being bored. There are two kinds of readers: plot readers and character readers, and once plot readers read it once it's done. CRs can re..."

I agree totally. I am taking my finals now, and while studying I re-read Harry Potter from 1 to 7 (and even some fan-fic too), and now I am reading the Philosopher's stone all over again, just enjoying the characters and the little things they do and say, and it has only passed a few days since I finished reading Deathly Hallows last time.

Have you heard about Pottermore? Any idea what that will be?

message 20: by Micheline (new)

Micheline Amazing review for the incredible final book from an incomparable series! Rowling is an absolute genius, I doubt there will ever be a series that even comes close to Harry Potter. I've read and re-read this series many times, and it's never gotten old.

message 21: by Meghan (new)

Meghan Wo

message 22: by Sammi (new)

Sammi This is the greatest book ever written. I can guarantee that. Awesome review!

message 23: by Andie (new)

Andie Estella an amazing and heartfelt review for the end of a truly inspiring series. J.K. Rowling will always be known for bringing back the joy of reading to an entire generation.

Nancy (Apollo) (George) That is an amazing review! seriously wow!

message 25: by Damos (new)

Damos I'm 25% in and thought I'd risk reading a review. This one's a cracker! Well done.

message 26: by Carrie (new)

Carrie I think the novel is actually 759 pages.... But a brilliant review.

message 27: by Carrie (new)

Carrie This is an incredibly succinct review (for a 759-page novel).

message 28: by Frieda (new)

Frieda AMAZING review

message 29: by Emily (new)

Emily That has to be one of the best reviews for this book that I have ever seen. I am a HUGE fan of Harry Potter. I have read all the books and seen all the movies like at least 5 times each and I never get tired of them. Every time I reread the books, I saw something that I missed before. You should reread a book at least twice before you can feel like you really understand the book. Anyways, LONG LIVE HARRY POTTER!!!!!!!!!!

message 30: by Kalkedan (new)

Kalkedan Bezabih I agree with the fact that J.K. Rowling managed to make the book a bit humorous to make up for the obvious tears we shed when we read it. I practically sobbed when Ron left Harry and Hermione to find the horcruxes on their own, but all the snide and funny comments throughout the book made up for it. I also agree with the fact that they visit key places and people that have been in previous books, like Number 12 Grimmauld Place, the Ministry, The Weasleys' house, Godrick's Hollow, etc. They haven't been to Hogwarts in a while either. I also agree with you when you say that it was bold of Harry to accept his death like that. In the book, it meantions that he's known what the outcome might be for a while now... He's known that he might have to give his life to defeat Voldemort. After looking at the memories, he kind of just shrinks and accepts his fate boldly. He doesn't even say goodbye to anyone, and he lies about where he's going to Neville to make it easier on them, and himself. He doesn't even raise his wand to fight when Voldemort raises his. I think it was very bold of Harry to "die" like that, and I think they should have shown more of that in the movies.

message 31: by Alex (new)

Alex loved the quote you chose to start!! Wonderful review by the way :)

message 32: by Cassidyk (new)

Cassidyk I loved how you began your review with a quote. I never even noticed that Hermione repeated to Ron what Ron had said to her in the first Harry Potter book. Beautifully written review.

message 33: by Ashley (new)

Ashley Awesome review! I love that you pointed out the "are you a wizard or not?" That Hermione said, because I thought that not many people noticed that, and I love it!

message 34: by Michael (new)

Michael Best review EVER!!!!
I loved the quote to start.I also liked to read every single comment while secretly staying awake to type this.Potter Mania is right here babie!!!

message 35: by Karim (new)

Karim Amazing review!!!!! I loved every word of it

message 36: by Phuong (last edited Oct 13, 2014 07:37AM) (new)

Phuong Trieu Thank you so much for your review. Truly, this book has encouraged me very much when I am upset, disappointed or sth like that. It makes me realize how to get over the challenges, the fences that I've faced with, how to be brave, constant and ingenious. Be brought up without his parents but he has perceived loves from his true friends, Hermione, Ron, Naville...By the way, I've already watched 7 full parts of its series. It has impressed myself in truth. Actually, everymoment is so carefully refined that I cannot prevent myself from continuing this film. After all, I beautifully admire the author of this book-J.K.Rowling, she is a great author.

message 37: by Dystopia28 (new)

Dystopia28 I absolutely love this review! As much as I loved this book, it's my favorite book ever, there were a lot of people missing in the epilogue. THANKS FOR CLEARING IT UP!!

message 38: by Arecibo (new)

Arecibo This comment is great,exactly.

message 39: by Cristina (new)

Cristina This is such a perfect review! Very true to form without any spoilers, :)

message 40: by george kincaid (new)

george kincaid i

message 41: by george kincaid (new)

george kincaid i cried when hedwig and dobby and fred died in the movie (not really LOL)

message 42: by Hung (new)

Hung Son love harry so much

message 43: by catherine hood (new)

catherine hood hi

message 44: by Ashlyn Hunter (new)

Ashlyn Hunter how do you write review

message 45: by Ashlyn Hunter (new)

Ashlyn Hunter How do you write a review.

message 46: by Amara (new)

Amara This book is so amazing I can't stop reading it and I can hardly do any thing I like since I have the book.

message 47: by Amara (new)

Amara To write a review you have to look for a book that you are currently reading and then you click comment so you can write a review about your book.

message 48: by Damon Park (new)

Damon Park is it an awesome book or at least good?

message 49: by Firebird (new)

Firebird l have read all the HP books!!They are all good.

message 50: by Lilly Ramirez (new)

Lilly Ramirez I feel the same way!

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