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Ren the Unclean Good review. It really seems like people just 5-star this book because it is Harry Potter. Glad to see that is not the case with everyone.

message 2: by Roseanne (new)

Roseanne To a certain degree you're right, but I think we need to keep in mind that the Harry Potter series is a series aimed at children. I think JK Rowling was right to simplify things for her target audience, since political and social issues, in reality, are not subjects that are easy to convey in a way that is both understandable and interesting to a young audience. I'd say it's near impossible to do so in a way that would be in keeping with the real-life structure of politics. I truly applaud her efforts.

Malfoy is truly irritating, however. You're right, his attempts at sabotage were laughable.

message 3: by Ros (new)

Ros On one hand your right on the other your not. J.K. Rolling felt that Harry need to chang emotionally, thats why he was so different in this book. I did hate the way he changed but that doesn't mean he isn't Harry. It was a good book even though some people might not have liked some parts.

I really hate Cho Cheng

message 4: by Kyla (new)

Kyla I really super-love your review. I am a Harry Potter fan, but I don't think the books are flawless, not at all. In response to Roseanne, I think there is a way to write children's books without dumbing down worthwhile subjects. in fact some of the advice my writing children's lit professor emphasized the most was to never ever underestimate the intelligence of children and dumb down our writing as a result (keep in mind she is a retired children's lit editor from a large publisher). I think the Newbery winners are great examples of age-appropriate literature that is not simple.

message 5: by [deleted user] (new)

No, the books are far from perfect.
But she worked a very long time on this book while trying to guard it from getting leaked on the internet...I would be exhausted. But unlike with the first Harry Potter book, she couldnt have her own pace, not really.

So if some of the writing seems rushed, give her a break.

And if you know so much about writing, tell me when your book gets published?
Ill bet it will be so much better. Not.

A simple, 'I dont like it' will do, but you talk about this and that as if you could have done better.
I respect your opinion, even though I dont agree with it.

message 6: by Annie (last edited Aug 04, 2009 04:13PM) (new)

Annie Hey Molly, actually this is a book review forum, so a simple "I don't like it" would not make any sense, without a justification of the reasons. Nobody goes to a bookclub and just takes a vote on how popular a book is. It's supposed to be a discussion of the merits and foibles of the work. And, yeah, anybody who can read can have an opinion of a book, whether they've published or not. If I had passionately loved this book, you wouldn't be telling me to take my passion elsewhere because I'm not a published author. And actually, despite stating so, you don't respect my opinion because you attacked me personally, rather than giving your own opinion about WHY you thought this book was well written. Neither you nor I are in any position to know the pressures and circumstances under which JK Rowling wrote this book, and nor is it our business. We can only judge the book as it is.

message 7: by [deleted user] (new)

Its only fair. Though I did not attack you personally, I do respect opinions, and I respect yours.

I fthis book was not for you, very well.

I enjoyed it, you didnt.

Must we write an essay on the bad points?

Im sorry you didnt enjoy it while millions of others did.

But Jk Rowling was under alot of stress and we cant expect her work to capture everyones attention, so we acn end it at this.

We have different opinions, and this is the site to share them.

Im sorry I dont agree with yours, and am sorry if I insulted you.

message 8: by Annie (new)

Annie I agree- enough said- ended. Thanks

message 9: by Colin (new)

Colin Gibson I love your review, I dont agree with much of it, but you do have a very good point and have put it across well. Thats what make sthis site awesome.:)

message 10: by elizabeth (new)

elizabeth i like the bookshelf that its in.

message 11: by Sage (new)

Sage I disagree

message 12: by Patrick (new)

Patrick I agree with what you said about Malfoy. It's getting old!

message 13: by Jake (new)

Jake Hanson I though JK Rowling didn't need to put in the book every single thing that happened in two weeks. Explaining what happened in each and every day grow tiring to read. So I kind of agree with you Annie, but not all the way. Other then that I thought it was an okay book to read.

message 14: by Mallory (new)

Mallory I actually think it's healthy to critique the book as if you were a writer. When you think of how hard it is (and if you don't think it's hard try writing one) it's easier to come up with a less biased review with positives and negatives. No positives? Then why read a 900 page book? Just to criticize it and make a review with INTELLIGENT diction and analysis to make yourself feel smarter? Because that's what you sound like.

And while everyone is entitled to HAVE an opinion not every reader of this review should (necessarily) respect it. I personally don't. I think it's immature, but that's just another opinion.

message 15: by Mallory (new)

Mallory Also, I think the characterizations are pretty ambiguous sometimes. Harry himself is selfish and immature and needy for at least the first half of the book. He is irritating and chivalrous when he doesn't need to be. Sirius is still immature and needy (like Harry) and childishly rebellious. Unless by good and bad you mean 'on voldemort's side' or 'on the Ministry's side' and 'on Dumbledore/Harry's side'. But that's obviously because it is really hard to be on more than one side, as Snape's story shows us, as you pointed out. Snape is probably not the only exception either, I just can't think of more right now...anyway, I think I agree this is my least favorite HP book, it's still a good book by itself.

message 16: by Lambert (last edited May 09, 2011 11:14PM) (new)

Lambert Cheung I have to agree with the lower ratings of this book.
I know JK Rowling wanted to show that these were darker times but she went too far off the deep end. It was bad enough seeing the Griffondor house fight amongst themselves. Watching everyone accuse Harry of Killing Cedric Diggory was really irritating too. But the thing I hated the most was Professor Moganogal preaching obedience and subooridnation when professor Umbridge was totally............well I'm just gonna say it.....screwing everyone over"
So stupid of her to sit back ,do nothing, and tell Harry to be obedient when he is put in the worst situtions and she knows it.
I disliked Mgonagall more than I did Harry Potters whining.
I became less of a fan of the books after Goblet of Fire. To much Whining,complaining, and all to realistic beauracracy. We have too much of that in real life,...we don't need that in Fantasy Fiction stories which we read to get away from real life

message 17: by DJ (new)

DJ Wilson I just finished the book (I'm reading the series for the first time). I must say I thoroughly enjoyed it.

But Malfoy. Please God, kill that kid or something. It really is annoying, his pious and feeble attempts to undo Harry et al.

While I'm not one to laud Rowling's prowess in style and semantics (granted these are written for young audiences), she's aces with characters. But by now I would have expecting a curve in the young Malfoy arc. To see his flat character juxtaposed with the likeness of such rich characters as McGonagall and even Umbridge, is the only crime I find in this book. The backstory and growth of the Neville Longbottom character is enough for me to even that keel.

message 18: by Kimberley (new)

Kimberley I don't understand how you can say that everyone was either good or bad. Sirius even said in the book that the world isn't made of good people and deatheaters. I thought everyone had a good and bad side to them.

message 19: by Eva (new)

Eva this was the most boring book of the harry potter series, and i say that as a fan. i read it in 2 days because i was leaving the country and couldn't take it with, but i didnt like it so much. from the 4th one on the books are much darker and depressing, but at least the 6th and 7th have stuff happening in them...

message 20: by Jennifer (new)

Jennifer I find it sad that you think this because this is my favorite book of the series. Which book was your favorite(and here I am assuming you like the series, but if you don't, I understand. Not everyone does.) if you don't mind my asking?

message 21: by Tanner (new)

Tanner Parker This book must be really good, I never got to this book, but I have seen the movie a bunch of times. It is a really good book

message 22: by Alex (new)

Alex Harry potter Is an amazing book just cause your jelous jk rowling can write

message 23: by EKENE (new)


message 24: by Beth (new)

Beth I love this book because it all makes sense about how the ministry is about to become!
1) Umbridge SENDS the dementors, trying to obviously get Harry expelled. She tries to use the Cruciatus curse on him to loosen his tongue.
2) Gawp helps save Harry and Hermione when the Centuars came, mostly just by picking up Umbrige before she got away.
3) Prophesy! It explains why Voldemort wanted to kill Harry in the first place.
I do, however agree. This book, along with the Goblet of Fire, got boring, but explained it very well to me.

message 25: by Móni (new)

Móni Nugen I am a huge harry potter fan but not blindly. I think the 5th book was the B E S T one in the series (along with the last one). My least favourite was the Goblet of Fire. I really dont understand how could you give this book ONE star :D i mean, didn't you like the humor in it? Didn't you hate Umbridge as much as JK intended her to be? Cuz I did. If you thought it was boring, it is worth more than 1 star.. And i really don't agree with you with this "lazy characterization". Even Sirius told the kids that there are no only good and bad people. In this novel we could see a more annoying side of Harry, there is Cho's friend (who was NOT evil nor an angel). And i'm sure you could see a better side of the Malfoy's too in the last book or Ron's bad side.

message 26: by Holland (new)

Holland I find it interesting how many people don't like the 5th book, personally it was my favorite.

message 27: by Cindy (new)

Cindy Deltoro I have a question every time I try to read a book it doesn't show the read now button can anyone tell me why I'm dying to read this book and any other book I'm trying to read!!!!!!!!!!

message 28: by Mia (new)

Mia What?!?! This is my FAVOURITE book too the HP series! I love the order of the Phoenix and the epic battle at the ministry! I know we all have different opinions, but this review is outrageous!

message 29: by Lily (new)

Lily Hong well this is a children's book...sort of, so the psycological stuff she wants to explain in case. atleast she doesn't baby through the recaps of previous books. she knows if someone's reading this far into the series, you either know what happened because you read it or you don't because you haven't read.

message 30: by Agung (new)

Agung the most boring of HP series

message 31: by Julianne (new)

Julianne I disliked this book because of the annoying and repetitive angst and caps-lock screaming that Harry did. it's like, OK, we get it already. He's angry. He's a teenager. But really? Did we really have to read all that in caps?

message 32: by Lemongirl15 (new)

Lemongirl15 I like the series, and thought this was an ok book, but I agree with a lot of your points. However, as I was reading the review and the comments, the thing that I annoyed me the most was that people CANNOT spell character's names right. Come on, its Chop Chang, and Snape. At least check your comment before posting!
By the way, you don't have to dumb things down for kids books. (Speaking as someone who just started reading ya books two years ago, its really annoying and you can totally tell the author doesn't think you're mature enough to hear about certain things.)

message 33: by Mayuri (new)

Mayuri Who is Chop Chang? Don't ever remember reading about him/her. I do know of a Cho Chang though. This was a good book. It may not be my favourite, but let us not forget about one must live while the other survives. It wasn't as bad as the Hunger Games where there are so many loopholes in how things happen. But I think that when you read a book you should read it for what it is as long as it is not too far fetched. This book was actually not as bad as some said except Cho could have been kicked out of the book entirely.

message 34: by Danica (new)

Danica Alejo Review well written. Not judging you or anything, but do not you think the characters were intentionally written in a way they are indeed supposed to be unlikable? I think you cannot place your standards on things you have not made yourself.

message 35: by Michaela (new)

Michaela Mason This is my least favorite book in the series, but I still love it. I think that Umbridge is even more evil than Voldemort, and I love to hate her.

message 36: by Cogent (last edited Jan 13, 2014 07:36AM) (new)

Cogent Asparagus "deals with complex social/political problems in a simplified, extreme, and dichotomous manner"

Of course. It's a children's book. That's rather like criticising the Narnia series on the grounds that they deal with complex religious issues in a simplified, extreme, and dichotomous manner.

"characterisations are too easy/lazy- all good or all bad (with the exception of Snape who's good/evil intentions are yet unknown), all courageous or cowardly, the righteous or the corrupt"

My word, did you even READ the book? One of the most striking features is the fact that for once the characters are NOT "all good or all bad"; Potter himself is a self-centred arrogant whining self-pitying teenager, as many boys are at that age; Hagrid is confirmed as a self-deluded hopelessly naive teacher whose personal tastes and refusal to see sense puts his supposed friends in mortal danger; Sirius Black is shown to be selfish and using Potter as a substitute for his father, the friend of Sirius' youth, and even the supposedly saintly James Potter is revealed to be a particularly nasty piece of work. At least you noticed that Snape, in contrast to his movie depiction, is not a complete villain.

"the laudable themes of power/corruption/propaganda/censorship are played out with such naive characterisations"

You've only just noticed? Well done! I refer you to my first paragraph: It's a children's book.

message 37: by Cogent (new)

Cogent Asparagus Holland wrote: "I find it interesting how many people don't like the 5th book, personally it was my favorite."

I suspect it may have been because Harry, a hero to the readers, was portrayed rather more realistically in this book, and his flaws as a self-pitying self-obsessed teenage boy rather brutally (for his fans) elucidated.

With this book, the characters were taken a stage further than the simplistic child heroes of the previous works.

message 38: by Aaron (new)

Aaron Sta.Clara Yes I agree!This book is my least favorite on the Harry Potter Series.The fact that the story proceeds without any particular way really bored me.

message 39: by Ella (new)

Ella di Angelo What this is the absolute best book of all times it deserves 100,000,000,000,000,000+ stars !

message 40: by Ryan (new)

Ryan Couldn't agree more. Definitely not a good read.

message 41: by Ella (new)

Ella di Angelo All of you who are haters of OOTP a crazy it's the best book in the series!!!

Anika and Sofia S. Too good! I was in my reading world all the time! Even during school I completrly zoned out on work and daydreamed about what already happened and what I thought was coming next!

message 43: by Barrett Moody (new)

Barrett Moody Agree this Harry Potter was not that good

message 44: by Barrett Moody (new)

Barrett Moody Still like the book though...

message 45: by Bridget (new)

Bridget Vollmer Ummm I disagree. Let's remember this is geared towards children/young adults

message 46: by Bridget (new)

Bridget Vollmer Ummm I disagree. Let's remember this is geared towards children/young adults

message 47: by Mia Mikhel (new)

Mia Mikhel shame on u

message 48: by St4rShoot3r (new)

St4rShoot3r This part is soo sad! rip Sirius bacl

message 49: by Kelly (new)

Kelly I soooo agree! I never liked the 5th book.

message 50: by Kelly (new)

Kelly I soooo agree! I never liked the 5th book.

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