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message 1: by Megan (new)

Megan Meagan were you a philosophy major?

message 2: by Max (new)

Max Ostrovsky I was an English Creative Writing major. Philosophy was a hobby though.

message 3: by Violeta (new)

Violeta I'd like to change that lead question: "Who is Dagny Taggart?"


message 4: by Max (new)

Max Ostrovsky It'd be a fun question. :) Although, she was the anti-Galt, in many ways. While the phrase/question "Who is John Galt" became synonymous with 'Who knows,' 'who cares,' and 'nothing can be done,' Taggart's attitude was just the opposite. She was trying to get people to own up and do things, be accountable and never give up.

message 5: by Ilyn (new)

Ilyn Ross Hello Max,

How are you? I revere Ayn Rand.

When you have the time, please visit the "To the Glory of Man" group, the "Happy & Brainy" group, and the author giveaways (my novel, Reason Reigns, is listed). Could I add you as my friend?

Warmest regards,


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