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message 1: by Eric (new)

Eric I'm going to have to disagree about the lack of smell for "frozen" things. In AP Chemistry we deal with solid things all the time and I can tell you, they smell. What's the difference between solid Urine at -10 C or Naphthalene at 25 C. Nothing. Just because it's a solid doesn't mean it doesn't smell.
As for the study with scientific and religious icons, most scientists are either Atheists or Deist; that's a fact. There is rarely a --devoted-- scientist that is a devout Christian, let alone Catholic.

message 2: by Alexandra (new)

Alexandra frozen things do smell.
but i like your review. it made me laugh

message 3: by Kageunui (new)

Kageunui review is apprpriate lol. however, i also agree. frozen things smell.

message 4: by Dixon (new)

Dixon Bainbridge "Use the book to balance your wobbly kitchen table and read the back of your cereal box instead." haha love it, poor Dan he's such a bad writer.

message 5: by Lauren (new)

Lauren I don't know. I'm no pee expert but I'd be willing to bet that fresh, hot pee is gonna be quite a bit more offending than old, frozen pee. But then maybe it all hinges on how quickly the pee was frozen after being peed...in any case I am finding the urine question MUCH more interesting than I found this book...

message 6: by Chris (new)

Chris Bumpas What gets me is that Langdon explains how the Illuminati started as both a scientific and religious group and then like 5 pages later he's completely chocked that Vetra was both scientific and religious.

message 7: by Nia (new)

Nia Pretty sure strawberry ice cream smells.

message 8: by Esraa (new)

Esraa Are you reviewing the accuracy of each word in the book or the story itself?

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