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message 1: by Fiona (new)

Fiona Goodman Innocent sensibilities...(tiny,tiny little snicker..HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!) ;))))

message 2: by L-D (new)

L-D Who me? *blinks innocently with big, wide eyes*

message 3: by Fiona (new)

Fiona Goodman Double HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! ;)))) But then again, it takes one to know one!!!

message 4: by L-D (new)

L-D Well I read this allllll the way back in November! I was pure as the driven snow back then!

message 5: by Fiona (new)

Fiona Goodman Oh, I guess I was part of your corruption then!! LOL!!

message 6: by L-D (new)

L-D I own but haven't read the next book in the series. Nik says she liked it better.

Nichole (Dirrty H) It is better! It's soooo good. Keiran and Alex are freakin' adorable.

message 8: by L-D (new)

L-D It's definitely on my TBR. Not sure how high up right now though ;)

Kelly H. (Maybedog) Great review. So there's an HEA for the original couple without Keiran, right?

message 10: by L-D (new)

L-D (view spoiler) The book was tremendously stressful to me. Sex was definitely hot though. When I think back on the book, it might even be more of a 4 star book, it's just I was too stressed after reading to think more than 3 stars.

Kelly H. (Maybedog) That's really helpful, thank you. I'm not big on the bring a third to the relationship, either. I mean a one-off threesome sex scene is very hot, but not the emotional stuff. That bothers me.

message 12: by L-D (new)

L-D That's exactly how I feel. I can do a couple bringing in a third for fun, but when the jealousy and emotions start going into overdrive, it stresses me out! That's how the second book starts and I'm more okay with that, but there's a lot of stress between page one and the HEA...

Kelly H. (Maybedog) I can imagine. I'm not sure I'll be able to read this. I had friends who had a houseboy for quite a while and it worried me a lot. But ten years or more later, they're happily and officially married.

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